ooNA KORD Wallet | Review & Overview

ooNA KORD Wallet Review | Attractiveness at an affordable price  There’s not a lot I can really say about the ooNA wallet as it’s core functionality is rather simple. The main reason for considering this


Edwin Wallet | Review & Overview

Edwin Wallet | A Unique Design with Features to Match The Edwin Wallet is a breath of fresh air in a sea of very typical wallets. At least in its design. What makes it so


Top 5 Phone Wallets in 2017

Phone Wallets | Are the Future of Our Wallets in our Cases? Its no surprise that as time goes on the human race is trying to become more efficient. Phone Wallets are something which have


Bellroy Leather Micro Sleeve | Review & Overview

Bellroy Leather Micro Sleeve | A Wallet of the Slimmest Nature I think at this stage we’re all quite familiar with the Bellroy brand. If not check out this page for more details. The Bellroy


Wallet Giveaway Winner | May 2017

Wallet Giveaway Winner | May 2017 | Where has the year gone Another month down and we’re got some fantastic things coming up in the near future. Not only are we upping our wallet giveaway too two

Lucca Bozzi Smart Solar Wallet

Wallets Funded on Kickstarter | May 2017 Edition

Wallets on Kickstarter | May 2017 Edition What Wallets are being Funded this Month? April was a mixed bag of Kickstarter Crowdfunders for the wallet world. I always like to be over critical with wallets

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