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The skint wallet is for those who want great durability (thanks to the elastic) and functionality. The skint is probably the smallest tri-fold wallet i’ve come across and its storage capacity is huge compared to other similarly priced wallets. That being said the quality of the Skint is what hinders this wallet and if you’re looking for luxury look elsewhere. For my full review of the Skint wallet click here.

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  • SAFE & SECURE: The Ideal Travel Companion! The stretchy strap holds your cards and cash confidently
  • COMPACT: Fits Any Pocket! Front and back pants, shirt front, kangaroo, sports coats pockets & more
  • LIGHT: Now Your Wallet Can Shed a Few Pounds Too! Feather-light Skint Wallet won’t weigh you down
  • FLEXIBLE: There’s Always Room for One More! Holds 10+ or more cards AND 10+ notes with ease
  • ACTIVE: Perfect for Your Active Lifestyle! From pocket to gym bag to beach to mountaintop & beyond


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