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Rapid Wallet – Neo-Futurism meets Wallets

The Rapid Wallet is a very unusual hard case wallet with a unique style and mechanism for access your cards. The first thing to mention is the new Rapid Wallet is still in its prototype stage and in its early stages of development. My first impression of the wallet is its futuristic almost Tron like style and appearance. The Rapid will be available in a vibrant range of fluorescent see-through colours. I’ll let you decide with the pictures below, but i’m sure you’ll they look sweet. Lets see what this wallet has to offer.



The Rapid wallet works like a cardholder. Your credit and debit cards are stacked along side each other and locked into place inside the wallet. The large rectangular area, in the middle, is used as leverage for accessing your cards. With a simple and effortless swipe you can push the cards out and shuffle between the card you wish to get. All in all its incredibly easy and fun to use. Cards are very secure once in but incredibly easy to get out. The fluid swiping motion for easy access makes it a fantastic wallet in this regards. The Rapid can store a maximum of 6 cards.

The next issue is cash storage. Currently the wallet hosts no way for those who wish to store notes. Even in the promotional photos produced by the folks at Rapid wallet their images show no easy way for physical cash to be stored. This is a huge issue with the wallet as of current and I would like them to find a nice way for notes to be stored without ruining the aesthetics of the wallet as of current.

rapid wallet

Look & appearance

As mentioned earlier the wallet reminds me of the movie Tron. Its probably mainly due to its branding and neon like colours but it definitely strikes a cord with me and I like its unique look a lot. Its something I’m happy to say i’ve literally never seen before. The sample I received was 3D printed (which goes to show what early stages the wallet is in). Its made from a hard plastic material but i’ve heard eventually it’ll be available in an aluminum metal.  If you’re the type who like to stand out from a crowd then the Rapid Wallet might be the best way to do so.

Final Verdict

This wallet has great potential. With a unique look, and great card storage the only thing its missing is a way to store notes. I’d also love to see it come in varying sizes for those who want to store more than the current maximum of 6 cards. If you’d like to support the Rapid then you can do so here on Kickstarter or check out there Facebook page here.


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