Are RFID Blocking Wallets a Waste of Money?

Are RFID Blocking Wallets a Waste of Money?

While I’ll discuss, momentarily, the pros and cons of using these sleeves for protection, the bigger “elephant in the room“, so to speak, are whether or not RFID protection is even worth your time in the first place. Very often sold as a gimmick, or a feature you’ll never really notice (think of it as an unsung hero perhaps) it begs the question to how often does Credit or debit card “skimming” actually occur. Although I couldn’t find an answer online to this simple question chances are you have never been Skimmed and I bet none of your friends have either.


So what’s the point? None really. It’s just another excuse for businesses to keep things fresh in a competitive market. With good marketing companies can work together to make it seem like this is a bigger problem than it actually is. They’ll say such lies as “skimming is on the rise“, or “take all your money“. While in reality its risen by 0.1% and they can steal no more than your wireless cards single transaction allowance (which in the UK is £30).

So the answer is No. I wouldn’t recommend getting a certain wallet just for RFID functionality, nor would I pay any more than $5.00 for the same wallet with RFID technology. Luckily nearly every wallet these days do have RFID security measures and at an affordable cost.

RFID Card Sleeves

I was aimlessly browsing amazon when I, by chance, came across these unusual RFID protection sleeves. They work as imagined. You place the desired credit or debit card within the cardboard cutout sleeve, and they’ll do the rest. That is “protecting” you from cyber criminals. I think that these cards as far more cost efficient and value for money than a dedicated RFID wallet.  The ones I bought, the ones below which are very cheap, do the job and are hardly noticeable when in your wallet.



All in all, I feel the gimmicky nature of RFID along with the overly enthusiastic industry who preach it like it’s law. Don’t fall for it and don’t think that you need to have it.

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