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The Riveci Wallet. Rough and Rustic Designs

It’s not secret that sometimes people enjoy items which are a little bit unkempt, scruffy looking with a o-naturel look to it. Its why people love natural Patina for example, or in the case of wallets natural wear and tear to the leather. Its also a great indicator of good top premium leather and it’s the type of look, the used look that is, that some people strive for.

How good is the Riveci Range of Wallets?

The Riveci Wallets help achieve this exact look but without having to wait for the natural Patina to work its magic. Some people might say this is cheating, but I like to think it’s a convenient wallet for those people who want a certain look without the hard graft of achieving it naturally. In my opinion i’ve always been a fan of leather wear and tear so the range at Riveci was right up my street.


The first wallet I tried was the Riveci Leaf Bowie Pullup. Unusual name for sure but the wallet, on the surface, has all the great components of a good minimalist wallet. Its functionality is up to par with industry standards, it can hold up to 8 cards with 2 quick access slots of either side. The Riveci really is ultra minimalist so it doesn’t really accommodate room for additional items such as notes, but can do it if folded up and put securely in one of the card slots. In practice the wallet functions like any other minimal wallet. It forgos functionality for size, but more than makes up for it in appearance if that’s your style. The Leaf Bowie Pullup can be compared to, in functionality, wallets like the TGT or Crabby Wallet.

Look, Quality and Feel

One thing we should mention is the wallets leather and build quality. All of the wallets produced by Riveci are handmade with 4oz Veg Tanned, and finished with a Smooth High Sheen. One point of interest is the wallet edges have been Burnished and Oiled which looks great and helps add to its distinctive look. If i had one big gripe with the wallets look it’s the huge ass logo that takes “pride” of place on the side. It’s definitely not subtle and can be a major turn off for a lot of people as it looks incredibly ugly. If I wasn’t a reviewer i wouldn’t have bought the wallet for this reason alone. Riveci should provide the option to have the wallet with or without the logo, but we can’t have everything.

Final Verdict

All in all the Riveci is a unique and distinct wallet that pushes a ultra rustic look in its design. It’s definitely not for everyone but if you enjoy the worked leather look in a slim design then it might be worth trying a wallet by Riveci out for a spin. The wallets are mid range level prices coming in at $44.95. For more information you can visit the Riveci website right here.

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