Skint Wallet | Review & Overview

The Rebirth of the Elastic Wallet

The Skint is a low-cost elastic minimalist wallet. With an elastic design, the Skint is one of the smallest Wallets I’ve reviewed and reminds me of the classic Crabby wallets.

The Skints design is split up into 3 sections, each identical with front and back pockets for storing cards and a middle section for cash. When filled the 3 parts fold into each other and then secured by an elastic wrap that holds everything in place. The Skint’s appearance is very typical of an elastic wallet as it’s ugly, flimsy material feels poor in the hand and doesn’t look much to the eye. One specific thing I noticed straight away was it’s poor build quality with the edges material fraying away from its stitching. I guess this helps justifies its low cost.

skint wallet

On the flip side, the Skint’s looks are very deceiving. While it’s attractiveness may be that of Shrek it more than makes up for it with its functionality and capacity. With a maximum capacity of 10 cards (stated on the website) I found the Skint could go up to 15 easily, as its 5 different areas to stash cash and cards the Skint’s core advantages are what matters most. Its use as a wallet. With quick access slots and a tight band to hold it all in place, the Skint is a very comfortable, and easy to use wallet. On my day to day travels, I never had any problems with cards falling out, or struggling to take or put back cards. The overall functionality is strong and I’d highly recommend.

Overall the Skint is a wallet which I couldn’t say I’d use. But on the other hand, I would definitely recommend the Skint to somebody new to minimalist or slim wallets as it’s cheap price and high functionality provides a nice starting point to whether a slim wallet is something for you, without breaking the bank.

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