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The Sony Playstation Wallet – Something a bit different.

playstation wallet

The sony PlayStation wallet is a standard sized wallet made from 70% PU and 30% Polyester. Conceived to celebrate the original PlayStation’s 20th anniversary the PlayStation wallet may be an acquired taste but actually packs a punch when it comes to its core functionality, look and feel.

Although this wallet was made as a joke the guys who made it have actually done a fantastic job of its design. It doesn’t classify as a minimalist wallet; nor does it fit nicely in your pocket, but what it does do it provide ample functionality in a well-designed and clever wallet. If you’re a total nerd like me then you probably grew up with the PlayStation as your first games console. This wallet provides a lot of nostalgia and is very much a conversation starter when you use it. Let’s take a look at it in a bit more detail.

playstation wallet


As a Classic bi-fold design the Sony PlayStation wallet has all the functionality you’d come to expect from a large traditional wallet. With multiple card slots, a full-length note slot and even a zip up coin pouch, the PlayStation is choc-full of all your wallets needs. Another feature not typically seen in modern day wallets is the button clip that secures the wallet shut and makes up the shape of the logo. When using the wallet is was surprising very pleasing and reminded me of the typical zip and velcro wallets I used as a child. The only issue I found was the material was quite unpleasant to the touch and is made from a plastic-like textured material that has a solid structure but less than quality feel. I guess this is the compromise you have to made for a wallet of this design.

Final Verdict

All in all the PlayStation wallet is a fun, and functional little wallet. While unfortunately on the larger side the wallet is hindered by its bulk and is anything less than slim or minimal. That being said this wallet was never designed for the minimalist enthusiastic and is rather a fantastic reminder and homage to a great game console that defined my childhood. I love this wallet and would highly recommend it to any collector or PlayStation lover alike.

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