August Wallet Giveaway | Have you won this month?

August Giveaway & The State of the Wallet Industry

Although this article is slightly early I thought it was a good time to do the next wallet giveaway and talk a bit about the landscape of the wallet industry at the moment. As some of you may know wallets are becoming ever more integrated with technology. Over the last year alone the majority of wallets cropping up on Crowd funding site Kickstarter & IndieGoGo have all been like this. With the integration with tech wallets average size are actually on the rise as wallets need to cram all this technology into a wallet. It’s probably a controversial statement but minimalist wallets are probably on the decline. Less and less appear on the market as please start to prioritize functionality over all else.

What comes next?

The question I pose is what comes next? I remember talking years ago about how wallets are continually getting smaller and smaller and soon enough they’d be no more. As cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin become ever more popular the need for traditional physical money is becoming less and less. I believe that as these alternative currencies become more popular, and new payment methods become more mainstream (contactless, and phone) wallets will eventually become obsolete. When will this happen? Not for at least another 10 years even longer. But It’s a very real possibility in the wallet industry and companies should be aware and keep ahead of the competition.

The Giveaway

Since its July I thought i’d giveaway one of the slimmest wallets i’ve come across in a long time. During summertime we enjoy going out more, staying out later, and wear less clothing. Because of this it’s only natural for us to want to do the same with our wallets. Although i’m going to leave the exact wallet a mysterious I guarantee it’s a good one.

If you’re here and yet to sign up for our giveaway you’re missing out. All you need to do is sign up once with the link in the sidebar and you could win a new wallet every month. It’s as simple as that. This month’s winner is:

Troy D.

Congratulations! I will send you a private message through email asking for your contact details so I can send you your wallet. Thanks to everyone who has currently signed up for the giveaway and best of luck for our September giveaway!

Wallet Giveaway | July 2017 | Have you won?

Wallet Giveaway | July 2017

This month we’ve got 2 wallet to giveaway. Last time around we give away 3 wallets but as one went unclaimed i’m going to give it away as part of this month’s giveaway. I’m going to leave the actual wallet a surprise this time but will reveal it by next month’s giveaway, but i assure you it’s one of the best so far as to celebrate the start of the summer period. I’ve also been informed that some of our winners from the June giveaway have yet to receive their wallet. As a precautionary measure I will resend the wallets along with this month’s winners this Monday (3rd July).

Everyone on our mailing list should also receive an email confirming the winner. Without further ado this month’s winners are:

User: Estgabe86 (who will receive this month’s mysterious wallet).

User: Ericloki (who will receive our Unclaimed prize from our June giveaway)

Thanks to everybody who has entered since the last giveaway. I will directly message the winners of the wallets by email. If they fail to respond before the next Giveaway the prizes will roll over. Remember once you’re entered into the giveaway you’ll always have a chance to win every single month. We still only have around 140 members so your chances of winning are incredibly high. Thanks for all your support and i’ll see you next month for our August giveaway.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner | April 2017 Giveaway Winner!

Another Wallet Giveaway! Congratulations to…

And yet another month rolls around with little concern for my age. This month has been a fairly active month for those who wan’t to win a free wallet. It seems people are finally catching on that free wallets might actually be cool. Anyhow I always like to do a little recap of the previous month in these giveaway posts so here we go!

This month is first month in which I’m planning on finally opening my store. To date we’ve had very little inventory to stock but thats about to change very soon. We’ve teamed up with some of the very best wallet brands in the world and pledge to only sell those wallets which we’ve tried, tested and 100% think are the best. With that being said we’ve had to put our wallet magazine on hold for the immediate future. Currently we’re being sidetracked on creating great content and reviewing loads of fantastic wallets. Never the less by next month, May, we promise that we’ll have much more engaging content for you all.

Finally we’ve decided to remove the forum from our store. Spammers and, honestly, a complete lack of content means a dedicated forum will have to wait until this website is a little more popular before we reinstate it. Anyhow we’ve like to thank you all for coming to our website. We’re always honorer by your kind words and hope you enjoy the content we produce. Without further ado here is the winner of April 2017’s wallet giveaway:

Congratulations to…

Kristian Sagnes Karlsen


Who only subscribed on the 31st March! Remember you have to be in it to win it. This month our winner, Kristian, has won a copy of the amazing BERLIN SLIM PAPER that i only reviewed not to long ago. This is by bar my favorite paper wallet so please enjoy the wallet! Remember if you’ve yet to enter our wallet giveaway please complete the contact form (link in sidebar) and join us for updates, offers and of course free wallets!


Wallet Giveaway | March 2017 | And the Winners are…

Another month rolls around and we’ve got our biggest giveaway yet courtesy of Orchill Wallets. Instead of giving away just 1 we’ve got 3 wallets up for grabs. But before we announce the winners let look back at February and sum up some of our plans going forward in 2017.

Wallet Store

We’ve been having some issues regarding our store and its initial set up. But we should be fully operational with a great range of wallets going into April and May.

Wallet Magzine

In June or July, we’ll be launching our first wallet magazine. A dedicated place where you can discover the latest and greatest wallets from around the world, broken down into type, style and material.

More Giveaways and Promotions

Stay tuned as we plan on giving away even more amazing wallets and promotional offers to get you the wallet you want at the best possible price!


and the winners are…


User: MFullPost

Alex Dudinsky

Benjamin Yoder


Congratulations to the following people. You’re the winners of this months wallet giveaway. We will email each of you individually within the coming days asking for your shipping details. Remember once you’ve signed up you get 1 chance (or maybe 3) every month to win one of our wallets.

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Minimalist Wallets FIRST Wallet Giveaway is here!

wallet giveaway

It’s time to give back! It’s time to give some wallets away!

Since I started 2 years ago I never thought in a million years that I’d be able to review so many wonderful wallets. Because of this, I’ve ended up with literally hundreds of wallets that I can’t possibly all use. So to help but to use some of the wallets I have in storage I’ll be giving away 1 wallet per month to 1 lucky winner. The wallet will be completely random chosen at random.

wallet draw

My draw filled with wallets

All you need to do is sign up to our mailing list (link in sidebar) where you can keep up to date with the latest news, reviews and wallet giveaways! Just fill in the form to the bottom right-hand side of the page! The best thing is once you’ve entered our giveaway you’re subscribed for life! Thats 12 chances a year to win a wallet with only 1 sign up! Winners will be announced on the following dates (see below). I will announce the winner in a forum post and contact you directly regarding your prize! Best of luck 🙂