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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner | April 2017 Giveaway Winner!

Another Wallet Giveaway! Congratulations to… And yet another month rolls around with little concern for my age. This month has been a fairly active month for those who wan’t to win a free wallet. It


Wallet Giveaway | March 2017 | And the Winners are…

Another month rolls around and we’ve got our biggest giveaway yet courtesy of Orchill Wallets. Instead of giving away just 1 we’ve got 3 wallets up for grabs. But before we announce the winners let

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Minimalist Wallets FIRST Wallet Giveaway is here!

It’s time to give back! It’s time to give some wallets away! Since I started minimalistwallets.org 2 years ago I never thought in a million years that I’d be able to review so many wonderful