Crowdfunding Wallets | July 2017 | Kickstarter & IndieGoGo


Wallets on Kickstarter & IndieGoGo | July 2017

Its summer time, and although I’m from the United kingdom, I’m looking for some really hot wallets being crowdfunded on Kickstarter & IndieGoGo this month. Last month had a really nice eclectic range of wallets from the strange to the damn right wonderful.

As mentioned my review of wallets being crowdfunded is always highly critical. This is not only down to my own experience having tested hundreds of wallets, but is down to what I think people should be wasting their money on. Let’s take a look at what July has to offer.


Sketch Wallet

Although I don’t usually like to focus on larger wallets the Sketch wallet is worthy of a mention. As the name suggests the Sketch wallet is all about having a portable wallet and booklet combined to allow for drawing and note taking. This is actually a second generation Sketch wallet which improves on some of the most requested upgrades that people wanted. This includes a cheaper price (almost half), an alternative non leather version, more card slots (now 7 – 14 capacity) and money pocket.

What this does is bring a more balanced combination of a notebook and wallet. It looks great and seems far better than the only other notebook/wallet i’ve ever used which was the Bellroy Notebook Cover. For more information on the Sketch wallet visit their Kickstarter here. Estimated delivery October 2017.


DJIN Wallet

The guys at Koala gear are by no means a Kickstarter virgin. After the success of their innovative backpack over 2 years ago the guys are back with their next kickstarter the DJIN Wallet. On first impressions i’m not a big fan of the style of the DJIN. It looks large, clunky and doesn’t seem to have any redeeming features of what i’d consider an attractive wallet.

On the other hand its main focus is on the functionality and ease of use in day to day life. The DJIN is made up of 2 compartments one to manage notes and cards, and the other to deal with other larger items such as coins, keys and other small physical items. Having already raised over 60K I have no doubt this is a wallet to look out for and i’d love to get my hands on one in the near future. For more information please visit their Kickstarter page here. Estimated delivery December 2017.

baggizmo wiseward

Baggizno Wiseward Wallet

The smart wallet revolution is well and truly here. Over the past year i’ve seen a huge rise in the number of smart wallets funded and I expect this to continually rise and we move into an age in which technology is integrated into everything we carry.

The Baggizno Wiseward wallet is another example of this and has already gained huge traction raising over 24K with 11 days still to go. Like many smart wallets the Baggizno comes in a multitude of smartphone integrations including tracking and a notification system so you’ll always know where your wallet is. Its an attractive wallet and the range of features are plentiful. Visit their Kickstarter here. Estimated shipping from October 2017.


Pitaka Carbon Fibre wallet

Although i’m not a fan of carbon fibre as a material the Pitaka has a unique fanning design which gives a really nice seamless approach to accessing your wallets cash and cards. Its module system allows you to customise your daily carry with ease. Visit the Kickstarter campaign for more information. Shipping from October 2017.

WallaKoozie Wallet

The WallaKoozie Wallet

I always like to do a specific shoutout to a wallet which is so crazy or so strange it almost deserves a special reward. Today is the WallaKoozie which is a wallet which allows you to physically attack a typical 330cl can. Thats right its a wallet which you could carry your can of coke, or pepsi with. I’ll say no more. Check them out here on Kickstarter.

Kickstarter Wallet | Spotlight | The Designer Leather Front Pocket Wallet


Designer Leather Front Pocket Wallet

Sometimes a wallet grabs you attention and the designer leather really does this. A luxury wallet that takes what we know about premium goods and adds just that little bit extra. Its no surprise that a wallet of the calibre can attain and its unique detachable money clip really is innovative, something i’ve never seen before.

David Williams the mind behind his first wallet told us about his plans for the future and whats in store for this up & coming wallet brand.

“My ultimate goal of my Kickstarter campaign is to go beyond this one single wallet to develop a new premium leather goods company. As a reward, I am giving backers the chance to vote on their favorite branding. I have several products designed and ready to follow”.
This is something that i’ve never seen from any business before. The idea of giving control to those who know, care, follow and purchase the wallets. Backers will be give a democratic vote on the development of a brand something both exciting and fun for backers.
When we asked Dave his initial reasons for why he thought a new wallet was needed in what seems like an over saturated and competitive wallet he didn’t hesitate with his response:
“My goal is to deliver to customers the level of high quality that I expect as a customer. I made this wallet because I couldn’t find the design at the quality level I desired. I chose vegetable-tanned, top-grain, hand-stitched leather from a top tier tannery to achieve the level of quality that would match the simple elegance of my design”.
Commitment behind a idea or concept is paramount and I like what Dave is trying to achieve. Combining style, functionality and minimalism into one wallet really is the way forward and on first impressions this wallet does just that. Check out their Kickstarter video below:

Speaking of Form & Function…

If you’ve ever read one of my reviews before you know that I put a lot of emphasis on the idea of functionality, style and of course size. I find a lot of brands don’t really understand, or care, about why they’ve even made a wallet and the reasons behind what makes a wallet and good one. I believe this wallet has something and urge anybody currently looking for their new wallet to check out the luxury wallet today.

Click here for more information.

Wallets on Kickstarter | June 2017 Edition



Wallets on Kickstarter | June 2017 Edition

1. Clic Wallet

When I first watched the promotional video for the Clic wallet I couldn’t help but burst out laughing. I couldn’t help but think that every time they “clicked” to open the wallet it resembled a banana opening up with the skin peeled back. Once I got over my hysterical laughing fit I managed to evaluate this wallets potential property and honestly think its quite cool.

It not only has the banana peel effect for storing and accessing your cards easily but is also made from a combination of polyester and elastic. I look forward to seeing this wallet in the future but for now i’m firmly on the fence. Click here for more information.

2. Fuze Card

While not exactly a wallet the Fuze Card does a great job and trying to replace your entire wallet in just a single card sized device. Currently the Fuze has had incredible crowdfunding success destroying its funding target of 50K by over 1000%. The Fuze claims you can holds up to 30 Credit, Debit, or Gift Cards on a single device. While being proven to work at retail locations worldwide its hard to really find any faults with the Fuze. My only concern would be the price but regardless i’m looking forward to this gem. Back today on IndieGoGo.

3. Zillion Wallet

What I really like about the Zillion (apart from the cool wallet) is their original and funny Kickstarter video that, honestly, kicks the ass of all the typical and generic advertising videos were used to. The guys did a really great job with the marketing there (see below) but the wallet isn’t to be overlooked either.

Recently i’ve began to see a lot of wallets start focusing on the ability to charge their phones on the move. This was a smart and honestly over due feature needed in wallets as smart phones get bigger and we have a bigger need for longer battery life. The Zillion does exactly that and in a nice subtle way. Grab your Zillion wallet today.


Although it may sound like a Pokemon the CHAARGO it does have an okay appearance with the capabilities of charing your phone. Unfortunately the CHAARGO is completely overshadowed by the Zillion which is more attractive, slimmer and with more functions. If the CHAARGO was just a little bit quicker of the mark then it could have done well, but at this moment I won’t be wasting my time here.

5. Arceo Wallet

The uniquest wallet on our list today. This futuristic looking Carbon fibre wallet takes static and ridged wallets to the next level. Usually with hard material wallets they suffer from the issues of an inflexible material. Luckily Arceo thought about this and made a very innovative and well thought out wallet. I like it a lot and wish them the best of luck!

Other Crowdfunding Wallets

  • Bee Case – Fun little phone case wallet. Another funny video.
  • Carbon Classic – A simple bifold made from Carbon Fibre. Done incredibly well on Kickstarter but I don’t see the appeal myself.
  • ZHIPI – Big travel wallet with a distinctive array of designs.

Wallets on Kickstarter | April 2017 | Whats Being Funded this Month?


Wallets being Funded – April 2017 Edition.

I’d be lying if i said there was anything that worthy of backing this month. In March we had an actual great variety of wallet being funded on both Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. Unfortunately April is looking very much like a slow month. Hopefully its the calm before the store, but never the less lets take a look at some of the best (and worst) wallets currently being crowdfunded in April.

The Month of the Multi-tool Wallets

1.The Wellet Wallet

Probably the most unoriginal name for a wallet i’ve ever come across. The Wellet dubs itself as the first ever power bank, GPS, and Coin sorting. The wallet appearance looks a bit boring, but the weird eclectic mix of random features might just save this wallet from the shitter. But that name really is just plain… shit. Available in slim and bifold variants.


2. The Hax Multi-Tool Wallet

I actually really like this wallet. The Hax acts as the perfect handy mans wallet. It can be used as a screwdriver and even a jig-saw blade for cutting. For the right person this wallet has a lot of potential. Its no use to a nerd like me but to the right person it could be incredibly functional. We’ll keep an eye on how this one goes moving into April. They are asking for a hefty $40K AUD.


3. Wingback – The Cash Wallet

The Wingback is quite a interesting wallet. It reminds me of the Frenchie Wallet I reviewed quite a while ago with the way it accesses notes. The production value of this Kickstarter campaign was clearly very high and well done, but from an aesthetic point of view i’m not very impressed with the wallet overall. It really is nothing special or new in terms of functionality. I wouldn’t waste your money on this one.


4. Immortal Leather Wallet

I always like to make a special mention to some wallets with little to no thought gone into them. It always takes me by surprise when bog standard leather wallets get funded. The immortal leather is an example of this. Its just a slim leather wallet. Nothing special; nothing new.

5. The Rapid Wallet (Metal)

I’ve already reviewed the Rapid Wallet a couple of weeks ago, but I never got the chance to look at the beautiful Metal version of this amazing looking wallet. You can read my review for yourself here.


6. Static Wallet

Another Multi-tool wallet. This one has more features, but on a smaller scale. With a bottle opener, and a usb included its carbon fibre body and distinctive look makes it a strong contender for a pretty solid wallet. The guys at Static are already sending me a prototype to review so stay tuned for that review coming very soon.





Kickstarter Wallets March 2017

Another month rolls around and I’m feeling slightly more optimistic regarding the quality of what’s up for offer. It’s still not the best range I’ve ever seen but I can see a rise in good wallets. My worries (stated in my crowdfunding ranting article) were the wallet crowdfunding scene was dying and the range and uniqueness of them were shockingly poor. Anyhow enough chit chat. Let’s take a look at what wallets are available this month.

Rapid Wallet


This wallet looks like it’s straight out of Tron. With a unique design, the Rapid wallets main feature revolves around that huge rectangular hole. This allows you to easily arrange, traverse and take out cash and cards with ease. I like the idea, and look and would like to try this wallet in future.


Fantom Wallet


Although it has a look and appearance of many other metal eske wallets the Fantom has a unique system for card storgage and access. With a money clip on the back the wallet works on a system which once activited (or opened) fans credit cards out for easy access.


Hendbury Wallet


With a dedicated coin slot and a minimal size I can see why the Hendbury wallet is popular. This wallet excels with its beautiful design and high quality look and feel. Looks very pomising and would like to see how it turns out!


The CROP Wallet


Probably the most complex and crazy looking wallet this month. Although only currently a mockup the CROP Wallet promises to be everything and more with charging capabilities, unique coin storage and a slim design.


Wallets on Kickstarter | January 2017 | Minimalist Wallets

dun duo

Wallets on Kickstarter – New Year addition

The new year is almost here and before we’re thrown head into 2017 I wanted to quickly sum up all the wallets currently being funded on crowdfunding sites. Let’s take a look.


DUN DUO™ | Luxury Travel Wallet

dun duo wallet

I can’t say I’m much of a Travel wallet buff myself, but I find myself constantly looking at the industry trends and it seems like a surge in people looking for innovative and attractive travel wallets are on the rise. The Dun Duo Wallet is a great example of this. With its double zip design and its matte black calf leather design, the Dun Duo describes itself as a combination of simplicity and luxury. I don’t travel outside of the United Kingdom that often so I probably won’t end up getting this wallet. But for those who travel a lot, this might be a great addition to your collection.

WonderWallet – E-Ink Smart Wallet

wonder wallet

The Wonder Wallet is probably the most interesting wallet on this list. While adding to the current selection of smart wallets on the market the Wonder is the first which uses e-ink technology. Some would say this is only a gimmick but this feature is great for those who love to fully customise their stuff. The Wonder allows for this as you can set any picture you want in the frame. Pretty cool if you ask me.