TGT Wallet Review

TGT Wallet – Elegant, Clean with Great Functionality

The TGT (pronounced “tight”) Wallet is another success story from Kickstarter. The wallet was designed by Jack Sutter and defines itself as an alternative to traditional wallets reducing bulk. As my second wallet it provided a nice contract to my previous minimalist wallet the Crabby Wallet as although they’re both small in stature they are in design a stark contrast from each other.

Look & Feel

One of my favourite things about the TGT wallet is its elegant, high quality and luxury design and feel. Crafted from ultra-soft, vegetable tanned lambskin leather on the front side of the wallet, with high-grade elastic on the back to support the credit cards it truly is a great stylistic piece. The TGT expels quality from every aspect and is handcrafted in the USA by local craftsmen and artisans which you can clearly see in appearance and feel.

The TGT Wallet comes in a large range of different but very similar styles with slight variations. The exact model I bought was the Americana 2.0. For information on the large range of variety click below:


The wallet measures 2.25″ wide by 2.75″ long, and weighs less than 0.2oz. It can accommodate approximately 14 credit cards with ease, while the smaller front pocket is a fantastic place to store any bank notes or paper items. One thing to note is bank notes will have to be folded into a smaller size. I didn’t find this much of an inconvenience (as it’s the same with many other wallets) but it can inhibit how quickly you take cash out and put it back.

Personal Experience

The over all functionality of the wallet lacks only accommodating 2 slots. One for cards which are secured through an elasticated band and the other for cash. Other minimalist wallets have additional features but this once sticks to its routes of a real small, compact and wallet.The wallet comes in a range of unique styles, which adds to its charm. I bought the all black Nightcall, which is just the black version of the Americana, but since then many different styles have surfaced from striped, to green and red.


I’d consider TGT wallets to be in a medium price range. While not as cheap as some wallets but not as high as others the in the middle price range of around $30 – $50 is a nice range that I personality was able to part with. Any prices above this and I’d start to break my budget and I’d feel concious about spending that amount of money on a wallet.

Final Verdict

The TGT Range is a strong example of high quality, yet affordable minimalist wallet. What lacks in direct functionality it more than makes up in with a high quality feel and design that never fails to make people question and want it. If you are looking for your first compact design I’d highly recommend the TGT wallet as a formidable option. Check them out at here to purchase yours today!

Posted by James