The Best RDIF Wallets of 2016

The Best RDIF Wallets of 2016

What are RFID Wallets? Why Should I get one?

In an age of wireless technology, the problems of digital theft is becoming more of a problem. One of these known as RFID Skimming has the potential for criminals to access your personal information from RFID (Radio-frequency identification) devices such as credit or debit cards. With this information criminals can read all the data necessary to make fraudulent transactions with your cards with simple technology worth just a few hundreds dollars of equipment. With cheaply made RFID reading devices easily to obtain the problem of RFID skimming is a real threat in 2016.

If you want more information about RFID and how easily criminals could steal your money check out this article for more information on the issue. Here. But with the revelation of RFID issues coming to light, wallet manufacturers have capitalized on this to help prevent create RFID Shielding which attempts to block radio signals preventing thieves from being able to access your personal information. Below are my list of the top RFID Wallets currently available on the market. These innovative and eye-catching wallets are not only stylistically pleasing but RFID ready, able to protect your wallet and its good from any skimming that could possibly occur in your day to day life.



What is RFID? 

RFID stands for radio frequency identification. Dating back as far as World War 2 RFID is most commonly used today as a means for data transmission for accessing electronically stored information.

The Wallets in question…

Tribe Wallet “This wallet will get you laid” is the charming and mostly nonsensical words of Perez Hilton. I highly doubt this but never the less the wallet is stylish yet minimalist through and through. That along with the security RFID blocker makes this a strong wallet. The only issue I had is the wallets price. Starting at a pricey $90 the Tribe wallets are not for the faint-hearted (or empty-walleted).




Ballistic nylon rogue wallet. Unlike the Tribe wallet, the unusually shaped Ballistic nylon wallet is reasonably priced with a strong feature list. Coming in a $25 the wallet is made from Ballistic nylon (no shit), which was originally created for flak jackets worn by airmen during WWII. As you’d expect then the wallet is highly durable and suited for outdoor and harsh environments. For their security, they use what’s known as a WalletGuard. For more information click here

Allett Wallets. Aletta offers a range of minimalist wallets in classy, sleek designs. Prices range from the $40 – $50 and are strong, and durable. Unfortunately, they’re only available in black!

ffgfSlimmy Wallet. 2-way RFID Protection. This wallet is only recently finished its Kickstarter campaign raising $12K for its slim styled RFID wallet. What make’s this RFID wallet truly unique is its 2 way RFID functions with 1 side of the wallet acting as a shield and the other side as an activator (aka no shielding). This cleverly allows the wallet to still work with contactless payments when using one side of the wallet but offers protection when facing away from a potential skimming device. Very clever indeed. Just be sure the wallet is facing the correct way for protection or its kind of pointless. For more information on this wallets successful Kickstarter click here.

gfgfgNero wallet. For a full review of the Nero, wallet checks out my blog post. This wallet is great. Coming a large range of colours packed with a range of slots this small yet functional wallet is stylish yet at a very affordable price!




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