The Hit Wallet Review

The Hit by The Goods
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$80 to $80
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The Hit wallet by The Goods is a ultra slim wallet which has emphasis on style and a minimal carry. The goods stylistic choice is very unique and when you visit their website you can clearly see a branding choice with every item they sell. Everything is charcoal black and everything is beautiful in approach and demeanour.

The Hit wallet is no exception to this rule and hosts a very uniform look. While its dimensions are only very slightly larger than a credit or debit card it’s rigid, and square look is very attractive with little to no curves like you’d expect in flexible wallet. The Goods recommend a maximum of 4 cards with some additional space for cash. I think this a very fair assumption. At best I could fit between 4-6 cards in, with a stretch, with some additional room for folded up notes. This distribution of cards is split between two separate pockets one on each side of the wallet. The main one, on the front, has a small cut out to help easily take and put back cards, while the back pouch has a hangover or lip which means the cards stick out slightly, again, providing easy access.  

The leather is definitely noteworthy in itself. Although the website doesn’t specify the exact type of leather you can clearly tell from its look, feel, thickness and smell. I’ve been using this wallet for little over 2 weeks and I think the material strong and easy to manipulate and move when accessing cards.

Final Verdict on The Hit

Over all the Hit Wallet is a nice little wallet with unique style, and above satisfactory functionality. Whether or not you decide to purchase this wallet will come down to if you like its look and can afford its price tag. Coming in at a high $80 this wallet isn’t for the light hearted. Do alternative yet similar wallets exist? Of course they do, but that’s not the point. Each wallet is unique in its own way and it’s down to you to make that choice.



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