A New Year. A New Wallet. Take the Wallet Challenge.

Take the new year Wallet Challenge with me

I’ve always sucked at keeping to New Year’s resolutions. My worst attempt was 2013 when I decided to give up alcohol only to fail miserably 3 days later on my best friends birthday (Damn him)! Because of this, I try instead to set myself small challenges, not something that is hard to do but something fun like changing my cereal for a month or my hairstyle. These usually only last until I get bored but are always a fun change that I enjoy with very little effort on my behalf.

This year I’ve decided to do what I’ve dubbed the 1-month wallet challenge by which I have to switch my wallet to one I’d never normally touch and use it every day for a whole month. Now as a wallet enthusiast you might think there is not a wallet in the world I haven’t touched but even I have my list. My reasons are usually due to a design I don’t really like or a missing feature which I feel is critical.

For this challenge, I’ve decided to go with one of the Trayvax Wallets, specifically the  Trayvax Element in black. Not only is this very expensive (one reason why I never thought to get one) but to me it’s a very ugly and naked looking wallet. Now because I’ve chosen this wallet by no means makes it bad, it’s just not my cup of tea, and the idea of this challenge is to choose something you wouldn’t normally go for. Hopefully, I surprise myself and this wallet is wonderful. Never the less once I’ve completed the challenge (1st of February) I’ll post a full review. on the Trayvax.

So why not join me in the New year wallet challenge! Below is a list of wallets which I feel are nice and could make a great wallet for this challenge. Let me know what you choose and let’s have a fantastic new year! Merry Christmas everyone!

A quick look at the wallet…

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