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5 amazing Upcycled and Recycled Wallets

Recycling at its finest. Add some green to your wallets.

In an age of global warming and pollution, I’m always looking for those products that are a little different and a little special. Upcycling is something I’ve always been interested in with its huge potential to change the way we view what other might think as rubbish. This got me thinking about whether or not any wallets existed that follow this similar upcycling philosophy. After a bit of research and blowing a small dent in my pocket I present to you my 5 favourite upcycled wallets.

skateboard wallet

1. Slim Skateboard Wallet

from $24.00

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Over 1 million skateboards are recycled each year and the folks at are doing a fantastic job at recycling them. Although more of a cardholder than wallet the Skateboard wallet has a distinive look and plentiful history to go with each one.


tub simple wallet

2. Tub Simple Wallet

from $12.00

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Made from recycled rubber from bikes, motorcycles and cars the Tub story is founded on a commitment, to inspire people ad to make a difference within the environment, and the wider society. The Tub simple wallet fits up to 10 cards and includes a band for holding notes.


recycled firefighter

3. Recycled Firefighter Wallets

from $29.00

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These unique, durable wallets are made from old recycled fire hoses. Made from a X firefighter of 10 years these functional yet small wallets come in a range of colours with prices raning from $29 – $49.





back court wallets

4. Back Court Wallets

from $15.00

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As my favourite wallet in this collection the back Court Wallets tick all the boxes for me as a stylish, yet recycled wallet made from reclaimed high school gym floors. With 20 different styles of wallets available (based on the marks of the gym floor), the Back Court collect are definitely a solid choice for your next minimalist wallet.



upcycled wallet

5. The Upcycled Wallet

from $24.00

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Made from paper and 100% biodegradable material, the production of this vegan wallet provides the impoverished with fair wage employment while helping reducing waste in Delhi. What a wonderful cause.


Bonus Wallet!

duct tape wallet

6. The Duct Tape Wallet

from $10.00

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It might not be what’s considered a recycled wallet, but the handcrafted range of Duct Tape wallets from The Sticky Mallard (sounds like a good pub) is definitely something worth mentioning.


Why not have a go at making your own recycled wallets? I’ve compiled this list of great origami wallet which can be made from a variety of used materials such as newspapers or packaging. Click here to learn how!