The Vaultskin City Wallet | Review & Overview


The Vaultskin City Wallet | Is this the Perfect Budget Bifold? 

Sometimes I’m surprised by a wallet of such simplicity. It’s not always I can find a wallet one which on the surface doesn’t seem like anything special, and say it’s one of the best wallets I used this year. But with the Vaultskin City I can.

Look & Appearance

This medium sized bi-fold goes everything you need in a small neat package with little you can really complain about. The first thing I noticed when I unboxed it was it’s fantastic build quality. Its feel in the hand was amazing and it’s smooth luxury leather was easily noticeable compared to other wallets I’ve tried. Its springy dexterity and perfect size really shines, and although it doesn’t look any different from hundreds of other wallets it doesn’t have to.



Its functionality is also rather simple but is executed in a great way. With 4 well presented inside slots and one outside slot the Vaultskin keeps minimalism at its core. Each of these are really easy to use and keep, and what I love is how Valutskin keeps the money slot low and encapsulated on the outside of the design. This gives it a distinctive look but also makes the wallet easier to navigate and access your cards and cash.

Final Verdict

I’ve been using the Vaultskin City for a little over 1 month now and I can’t believe how good it is. While being a great brand at an affordable price the Vaultskin takes what you know about modern minimalism and a traditional bi-fold and slam dunks them into one amazing wallet. If you’d like more information regarding the City, click this link to view and buy one now.

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