Must have Wallet accessories for 2017

Essential Wallet Accessories – Carry something new for 2017

Wallet accessories although not something many people know about, are quickly becoming a popular choice for the wallet lover. Most of these tools are shaped like a credit card for ease of use when they seemingly become part of the interior of your wallet. As we move away from credit cards we may find ourselves with more room in our typical wallet. These items are all great (and slightly gimmicky), but are a lot of fun and could be helpful in a handful of situations. So here are my top 5 wallet accessories you must get in 2017.

Wallet Ninja

Probably the only one of the list I’ve actually ever used (you can stop here if you wish, I won’t blame you). At around $10.00 the Ninja is an 18 in 1 Wallet tool that allows for incredible functionality such as 3 screwdrivers; 6 hex head nuts & bolts; bottle, can & letter opener; phone stand; box cutter; ruler; peeler and many more features. Check it out here on amazon.

ninja wallet tool

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Lockpick Kit

For the criminal in all of us. Whether your locked out your own house, or robbing your next door neighbour this wallet lockpick kit could pay for itself in no time! Grab yours today for only $6.67 on amazon.


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Wallet Shaver

You never know when you need a quick shave, but with this wallet-sized shaver, it doesn’t matter if you are at work, in a pub or even having sex! Quickly pop out your wallet shaver and go to town on whatever hair you like. Groovy.

wallet shaver

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The Wallet Comb/Hairbrush

The Go Comb is not just your typical comb. Well, it kind of is, although it does have some lovely shapes, colour, and patterns. And the best thing of all it fits directly in your wallet with little effort. Starting at a hefty $13.99 the Go Comb is a great way to always have a comb ready yet concealed in the depths of your wallets interior. Check them out here!

wallet comb

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The Mirror

Comb and mirror. Mirror and comb. Although this combo might seem more tailored towards the female audience, if brushing your hair in front of a credit card shaped mirror seems like something you’d like to do then this may be for you!

wallet mirror

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  1. Nice overview! The Ninja card is definitely to have on you!

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