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Wallet Giveaway | July 2017 | Have you won?

Wallet Giveaway | July 2017

This month we’ve got 2 wallet to giveaway. Last time around we give away 3 wallets but as one went unclaimed i’m going to give it away as part of this month’s giveaway. I’m going to leave the actual wallet a surprise this time but will reveal it by next month’s giveaway, but i assure you it’s one of the best so far as to celebrate the start of the summer period. I’ve also been informed that some of our winners from the June giveaway have yet to receive their wallet. As a precautionary measure I will resend the wallets along with this month’s winners this Monday (3rd July).

Everyone on our mailing list should also receive an email confirming the winner. Without further ado this month’s winners are:

User: Estgabe86 (who will receive this month’s mysterious wallet).

User: Ericloki (who will receive our Unclaimed prize from our June giveaway)

Thanks to everybody who has entered since the last giveaway. I will directly message the winners of the wallets by email. If they fail to respond before the next Giveaway the prizes will roll over. Remember once you’re entered into the giveaway you’ll always have a chance to win every single month. We still only have around 140 members so your chances of winning are incredibly high. Thanks for all your support and i’ll see you next month for our August giveaway.