Are Wallets with chains allowed on planes?


Are Wallets with Chains Allowed Through Passport Security?

So somebody asked me this question in a message around September last year and I honestly didn’t know the answer. Luckily I was flying out to Amsterdam on a short holiday only weeks later so I decided to test it for real in a UK airport.

Now I’m not normally fond of wallet chains. In fact, I’ve never owned a wallet chain in my life. That 90s fad was way before my time. Never the less I bought a cheap chain from amazon and went gung-ho into the airport with great confidence. I did feel a little anxiety as I approached the security checks like I was hiding a knife or something, bit the bullet and asked one of the security guards. And she said Yes. Simple as that. I also did the same on the way back flying from Amsterdam to Manchester and they also allowed it.

TL;DR: “Yes you can. In Europe anyways. Just ask”.

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