What makes a good wallet?

Why choose a minimal wallet?

The minimalist wallet is one of those things I didn’t know i needed until I discovered it. But that’s quickly changing. Currently the average wallet is large and clunky over filled with pieces of paper, receipts and junk. But as we advance further into the technological revolution the world is changing and so is our wallet. With credit cards forecast to become a thing of the past with payment through smart phones (apple pay, ect..) the contents of our wallets really is shrinking in size. With Receipt being thrown away, and photos stored on our phones its only natural for people to want to seek a smaller more compact version of outdated technology. Seriously is scary how little the wallet has changed up to the point minimalist wallets starting appearing on the market only a few years ago. Not only that but wallets are being seen as less of a necessity and more of a fashion item much like a woman’s hand bag is. The amount of comments I get on a daily basis questioning “how is that a wallet?” or “OMG that’s so super cool xD” is staggering.

So join the minimalist revolution and check out this site. You may just find your next wallet for life!


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Design and Style

Minimal wallet ooze style and quality. It seems to be one of their defining points. When you buy a minimalist wallet you don’t do it for nothing. Its a fashion accessory a statement to something new. Each  wallet is tailor made with finer points and detail that add character. Each wallet has a story. You may or may not know that Kickstarter has become a budding entrepreneurial landscape for creative and innovative individuals to raise the much needed funds necessary to create some of these magical wallets. Bigger companies spewing out and mass producing wallets don’t have this and its this individuality and creative flare that truly defines a minimal wallet.

As well as this minimalist wallets come in a range of unique designs in a range of different colours to reflect the unique personality of an individual. Checkout our gallery page for a quick overview of all the different types of wallets available on the market.

Comfort & Functionality

By basic principle minimalist wallets tend to be more comfortable. I’m probably not the only one who hated the feeling of a brick wallet bulging from my jeans like I’m ready for action.. With a smaller wallet usually no bigger than a credit card you really do increase the comfort levels which is pretty sweet. In terms of functionality you really do find innovative and creative ways of squeezing maximum space in what’s  a smaller unit. You wouldn’t think it would be possible to have more functionality than a traditional  standard sized wallet since we’re comprising size for functionality but you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Small & Local Business

The majority of minimalist wallet manufactures are individuals like you and me, who simply had an idea, and set out to make it a reality. Operating from home or a small office them people are the powerhouse in not only the entrepreneurial revolution but in the small time market of minimal wallets which in time will be huge.

I’m sure as the minimalist phenomenon takes of bigger more established manufacturers will get in the game, but as I currently speak  the majority of minimal manufactures are indeed small and region based businesses. A great example are all the successful Kickstarter campaigns that have spawned many fantastic wallets. Check them out here.