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The Wonders of the Wingback

Every so often a wallet comes along which rewrites what defines a traditional wallet. Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to review many wallets from Kickstarter and across the world and it’s been awhile since I’ve found a wallet i was so excited to use. The Wingback elicited that very excitement in me almost like a child at christmas and when it finally arrived in the mail I was not disappointed. The whole package, branding and all, oozed a luxury and as I peeled and open the custom packaging (it had my name on it!) I knew this was going to be good. A minimalist wallet to remember.

A brief history in time

The Wingback came into fruition from a success Kickstarter campaign.. This managed to raise over £50,000 in funding, a truly staggering amount. This really does say it all and my initial thoughts on the Wingback fantastic appearance. What I like about the wingback is it really takes the core of a wallet developed, a thought out wallet that simply does everything very well. Like any wallet it has it pros and cons but the wingback does it in a way which you almost don’t mind the downsides because what it does best is all you care about.

Look & Design

The wingback is incredibly beautiful. When you analyse the way it’s built close up you quickly release the sheer effort and craftsmanship that went into building it and it really gives a genuine feel of a high quality item. The leather is a full grain thick leather feels and looks amazing while maintaining an incredible smell day after day. In fact the leather is so good quality you have to go through a process of “breaking in” like with shoes to work the leather and make it more manageable and flexible when in use. I can only really describe the leather used as thick and effective.

The Cash wallet comes in 5 different colours, each one as unique as the next. The colours are a mixed bunch which is nice move to give people a chance to find a colour they enjoy. I personally got the standard Chestnut brown but the Wingback is also available in Charcoal black, Whisky (light brown), Chili (red) and Cognac (Orange). A nice range with a great variety for everyone’s individual tastes. Its also worth mentioning that Wingback also allow for custom engravings on the leather (£10+) on both the inside and out. A nice addition for those who want personalisation.


The wingback is very simple on paper but in practice it’s a functional design with emphasis on minimalism and ease of use. It holds between 4-6 cards and a maximum of 20 notes. Notes are a big deal with the wingback and the majority of the functionality comes down to an incredibly easy way to store and access notes at ease. As previously mentioned the wingback has a folding design. Leather wraps around a central piece to create a wrapper that securely seals the wallet together. Cash is basically spun around the leather and can be accessed with a simple pull. It really is incredibly simple, easy and effective in use and I can’t recommend it more for accessing your notes.

This combined with a metal fastener and you have a very secure and easy to use wallet. The fastener is something i’ve not seen used in a wallet for a long time so it needs a special mention.  The metal fastener is beautifully machined cap, and cut from a solid block of brass or stainless steel to give it a classy look. I love the finish on it and it really does help give that piece of mind that cash and cards are secure.



I’ve been using the Wingback none stop for over 2 weeks now and I it’s been great. Cash is easy to store while cards are stored using the typical stacking method. Not the best as it can be fiddly accessing your cards this way but far better compared to other wallets on the market. The wallet fits in the pocket nicely and is a perfect size for minimalist lovers.

Final Verdict

The Wingback wallet is a fantastic wallet for those who want style, ease of use all within a compact size. I would highly recommend this wallet to most but would suggest it more to those who always carry lots of notes on them. At a price of £60 it’s surprisingly affordable and I knew, based of other wallets, that they could have easily made it more expensive. If you would like more information on Wingback’s latest wallet then visit their Kickstarter campaign here or check out their website.

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