Wogenfels Wood Wallet – Kickstarter Spotlight & Unboxing

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The Wogenfels Wood Wallet – A Wallet of Pure Design

Wogenfels Wooden Wallet

Having stumbled upon the Wogenfels wallet I was immediately taken back to the time when I purchased my first wooden wallet, the Fusion wallet. And although these 2 brands share many similarities they’re completely different in many respects. The Wogenfels wooden wallet is a sturdy card case beautifully designed from a range of hardwoods with complementary carbon fibre accents within the cases body. I’ve never actually seen a case which uses such dissimilar materials. On one side you have the natural, aromatic range of hardwoods including Cherry, Oak, and Walnut. On the other side, we have the modern engineering feat of lightweight yet strong carbon fibre. The two defiantly compliment each other nicely.

Wogenfels Wood Wallet

First impressions

Wogenfels were nice enough to send me one of their wallets for review purposes, so I thank them for that. When I first unboxed the wallet I was amazed by the detail in Wogenfels branding. Straight away I got the vibe of a high-quality luxury wallet and this could be seen from the box, which is made from more wood than the actual wallet! After playing around with it the wallet is fairly simple in design and functionality. Operating like a clam shell the wallet has 2 doors and 2 inner compartments. The left side consists of an area for storing banknotes and other paper items while the right side is for your credit cards which snugly fits around 7 cards comfortably. Check out my unboxing video below!


Spotlight Verdict

Wogenfels Wood Wallet truly impressed me and I can’t wait to try it out for a couple of weeks. Although it’s bigger than I originally anticipated the wallet looks, feels and even smells amazing and from a style perspective is spot on. Stay tuned for my full review coming soon!

Please support Wogenfels in their Kickstarter campaign. As of today (3/10/16) they have raised $3,586 with a target of $15,000. With only 8 days left, they really need your support! For more inspiration check out their Kickstarter here.


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