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zenlet wallet black

The Zenlet Wallet | Sleek & Simple

The Zenlet wallet is quite unique compared to the majority of wallets we get seen thrown around these days. The time of big standard leather bifolds is well and truly dead. The first thing to note is the wallets slimline and striped back design. Zenlet, as a philosophy, state how a large proportion of their motivation behind this wallet is down to a need and longing for simplicity. The Zenlet definably achieves this. With its attractive curves and sleek design it’s hard to not like the way this wallet looks and its design definitely acts as its best selling point.

zenlet wallet black


The wallet works on a “slide and grab” system. You simply side open the wallet while quickly and easy cascades your cards in an easy to access and functional way. Within this compartment you’re also expected to store any notes or additional items like receipts.  I found this quite cumbersome having to store every item in one dedicated area. It wasn’t as quick or fluid as I’d of liked when crammed full items other than cards. Nevertheless, the ease of use, with accessing cards, is top notch and is one indicative of a well throughout design and model. Good job lads.

The wallet can store between 4 – 7 easily, has RFID protection, and auto sorting technology. Below are some more tech-specs for those who want a more detailed breakdown:

  • Weather Resistance
  • Functionality: Cards, Money, Receipts, Keys, Coins, Small Objects
  • Scratchproof
  • RFID security
  • 100% Recyclable

Final Verdict

I’m both impressed and underwhelmed by the Zenlet wallet. It’s definitely more of a cardholder than a wallet and while its core feature is great its very much carried by its slender and attractive design. If you’re looking for a hard-cased wallet with an attractive design i’d highly consider the Zenlet. If not then i’d recommend staying clear and looking for something equally as attractive but with better functionality. The Zenlet Wallet comes in at a large $55.33 so make sure you’re confident before you splash the cash!

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