Albert Lacreu ReWallet S | Review & Unboxing

Albert Lacreu

Discover the ReWallet S by Albert Lacreu. Spanish Handmade Minimalism.

When somethings handmade you really get a sense of perspective. Wallets are by no means an uncommon occurrence in a world dominated with wallets left right and centre. The choice is endless really so when you do see small time handmade wallets crop onto the market it really makes you feel wan’t them to be good. Almost like your cheering the underdog in a race.

Although Albert Lacreu is by no means unknown (although I must admit I hadn’t heard of them) he is what this industry needs. Somebody who can innovative and keep the art of leather-craft to its routes. When I first unboxed one of the new wallets by Albert Lacreu I knew from the outset it was going to be good. The ReWallet S and its counterparts ReWallet L really encompass the real essence of innovative, style and design. So without further ado here is my full review of the ReWallet S.

Design & Appearance

The ReWallet S hosts a simplistic and minimalist design taking the shape of a typical rectangular card. Coming in at precisely XxXxX the wallet is a perfect size for minimalist lovers and doesn’t disappoint in its clear and sleek design. The leather is made from the very highest quality leather available in a medium toned brown tan colour. One thing to note regarding the leather is its thickness and overall quality. The smell right out of the box was mesmerising and the leather, stitching and craftsmanship second to none.


The great thing about the ReWallet is its array of functionality which comes in the form of two very effective quick access slots. These slots lie on both the top and side of the wallet and allow room for at least 3 cards each. Each of these slots welcomes a quick access pull tab which allows for easy access with just a simple pull. These tabs are very effective and cleverly designed.

In terms of note storage the ReWallet doesn’t include a dedicated slot. This might annoy some people as mixing cards and cash together isn’t the most effective or easy way to access your cash & cards. As someone who has always advocated against this. Nevertheless I don’t think this takes anything else away from the wallet but is something you should keep in mind.


Final Verdict

Albert Lacreu has created a very attractive, well built and functional wallet all within a compact minimalist design. One thing to note is the price of Albert Lacreu’s wallets. As a handmade brand these wallets are not cheap and reach prices of over $100. Nevertheless the wallet is great and you can check out the ReWallet here and the other wallets by Albert here.

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