7 Best Minimalist Wallets for Men 2017

For those of you looking to slim down the profile of your wallet, a minimalist wallet is the way to go. We’ve compiled our favorite slim wallets from 2017 from both mainstay wallet brands and up-and-comers. A wallet is both a very personal and long lasting purchase, and something we spend time with everyday. As such, we’ve carefully considered each wallet for its craftsmanship, design and functionality.

1. Bellroy Slim Sleeve

Bellroy Slim Sleeve

Buy on Amazon $80

The Slim Sleeve by Bellroy keeps a slim profile while holding up to 10 cards. Bellroy is a mainstay in the world of wallets, using top quality materials and having the most versatile style.

2. Distil Union Wally Bifold

Wally Bifold

Buy on Amazon $60

The Wally Bifold by Distil Union is another great minimalist wallet from a mainstay brand. The Wally Bifold keeps a traditional look but uses a unique form factor to keep the wallet slim even when fully loaded.


3. The Scout by Andar

The Scout by Andar

Buy on Amazon $25

The Scout by Andar is a hybrid card holder and small wallet that fits easily in your front pocket.


4. Bryker Hyde Minimalist Wallet

Bryker Hyde Minimalist Wallet

Buy on Amazon $30

Bryker Hyde’s minimalist wallet is very stylish while maintaining functionality.

5. Vaultskin Chelsea

Vaultskin Chelsea

Buy on Amazon $25

The Chelsea wallet by Vaultskin is a slim, front pocket wallet that can hold an incredible number of cards.


6. SlimFold Original Soft Shell

Buy on Amazon $45

The original SlimFold wallet is one of the slimmest wallets on our list, and gets there by using advanced materials.



7. Flowfold Vanguard Limited

Buy on Amazon $30

For a more rugged look, the Vanguard Limited by Flowfold delivers an indestructible wallet with a slim form factor.

Posted by Jeff