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Need something flexible and ultra thin. Paper wallets are quickly becoming one of the top wallets around. Check out our reviews for our huge range of paper wallets.


Berlin Slim Paper Wallet | Review

Introducing the Berlin Slim Wallet. Is this the Best Paper Wallet ever? I’ll come right out and say it. The Berlin Slim wallet is by far the best Paper Wallet I’ve ever used. I mean

mighty wallet

Dynomighty: Mighty Wallet: Quick Review

The Mighty Wallet: Does Paper Stand the Test of Time? The mighty wallet; a paper made entirely from a highly durable material called Tyvek is one of the more unusual wallets I’ve reviewed with mixed emotions whether this wallet is

The Paper Wallet Review

The Origami Paper Wallet  Leather, elastic, plastic and wood. I’ve tried them all.. or so I though. My first impressions when I saw the paper wallet were negative, to say the least. I didn’t really