Ekster Slim Wallet Review

Ekster Slim Wallet Review: Smart Technology Meets Rustic Design

The Ekster Wallet began life as a crowdfunding success story if I ever saw one. While being 100 funded in just 15 hours, raising over $75,000 the Ekster slim or minimalist wallet is one of the top 3 most funded wallets in history. So what makes the Ekster so unique? Well along with being highly attractive, and multi-functional this wallet is considered one of the very first smart wallets. That being a wallet which is tied in with some form of technology. In the case of the Ekster, you can track the whereabouts of your wallet helping eliminate the potential of losing it. More about this later.



The Ekster is a bifold leather wallet which the capability of holding over 12 cards (12 comfortably 15 at a push) as well as a range of other items such as coins. While available in 3 colours (brown, black and steel blue) the wallet has a range of features including RFID protection for up to 5 cards and syncing capabilities with their own dedicated mobile app. This app acts as a safety mechanism so no matter where you leave or lose your wallet, you’ll be able to find it.

Check out this graphic which gives a mini overview of what the wallet offers.

Ekster Wallet

Look & Feel

The Ekster wallet is definitely very pleasing on the eye. While being made from a highly quality leather it provides a satisfying touch and gives the look of a well-made quality product. The only gripe I can say about the wallet (which is a personal one at that) is the wallet doesn’t stand out in its appearance. Sure it’s attractive but it’s kind of generic, and as my search for the perfect wallet goes on I find myself interested in a unique design or material. But don’t let this put you off. This is still way above average in my subjective appearance scale. 

ekster wallet brown

Personal Experience

What really makes the wallet stand out for me was its ease of use combined with its superior functionality. I found its capacity for card and cash storage was second to none and I didn’t have any problems with bulking or cards getting jammed or stuck. Its uniquely designed friction mechanism prevents your cards from falling out of your wallet while allowing for incredibly easy access. A+


The only real disappointment of this wallet comes down to its price. At a hefty $99 (for the cheaper model) the wallet definitely qualifies for the premium category of wallets as the majority of people would be unwilling to purchase a wallet at this price range. Never the less the wallet truly is a fantastic example of a slim yet highly functional wallet. If you do have a spare $100 to spend on a wallet then you could do a lot worse than to invest it in an Ekster.

Final Verdict

A fantastic wallet with amazing functionality. Not crazy about the design, with a steep price tag. Never the less a fantastic wallet for any wallet lover. For more information on the Ekster Wallet and to purchase this wallet check out their website. Alternatively, hit them up on Facebook or on their awesome IndieGoGo page. Stay tuned for my review of the Ekster wallet tracker where I’ll be putting it head to head against the similar Walli Wallet.



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