Minimal Wallet Spotlight #2 Aki

Aki Minimalist Wallet: The Classic Billfold Reinvented

A feature-packed Premium slim and compact wallet made with Full Grain Nappa Leather and Crazy Horse Leather. This wallet is utterly desirable with features you’d never expect from a wallet. 


The AKI Wallet is something of a throw back to the traditional and standard billfold wallets that we all know and love. One aspect of this wallet is its eye for detail and jam packed features. The wallet expels functionality in areas never before been explored all done in a well throughout attractive design, including a stylus sized pen and easy pull mechanisms for easy cash and card access. Lets take a look at the specifications and features in more detail.


Aki describes it’s self as the ultimate EDC meticulously designed to be the all-encompassing wallet.  On first impressions I can’t seem to fault it. For a slim wallet it measures up on the larger side of the spectrum coming in at 9.8cm height and 9.2 width (when closied) and just 9.8cm height and 18.9cm width while open.



As I’ve not been able to get my hands on this wallet yet here are some of the Aki wallets distinct features in more detail (from their website):

  • The wallet has whats called “ninja” slots including quick access card slots (for a card which is frequently used more often than others). I really like the idea of this feature as one of main problems I find with slimmer wallets are how difficult it can be to access your cards quickly and easily.
  • Elastic band to hold currencies of all sizes. The “all sizes” comment is great for those people who live internationally to the manufactures home country. Too many wallets are made in America and don’t factor in foreign currency sizes into their designs.
  • 1 everyday pen. This is innovative and creative to say the least. Next time you need a pen and don’t have one think about how useful this could be!
  • Elastic compartment with pull tab. holds up to 8 cards. I’d like to test whether the wallet can hold more than 8 and see how this affects its size, shape and form. The Aki wallet is slimmer, but not as slim as some wallets currently on the market.
  • Hidden Sim card slot. Although a nice original idea, I’m not sure how useful this will be. I’m defiantly not somebody who questions why his wallet doesn’t have a Sim card slot on a daily basis.
  • Anti-Spill coin slot. Stores coins and keys. This is a great feature. Not enough minimalist wallets have coin slots so its nice to see how well it shapes up once crammed with coins.
  • RDID Protection! Always a bonus in this wireless frenzy revolution!
  • Comes in a range of colours including; Black, brown and blue! More probably to come in the future but I’m not complaining about the current range of colours.


This wallet is clearly aimed at a more luxury demographic. Coming in at $99.95 (approximately £68) the wallet is by no means cheap. When I do eventually get my hands on the wallet I will conduct a proper review but at the moment I find it hard to justify the price until I get my hands on it. To purchase this wallet check out the Aki Wallet website at their website Kisetsu

Stay tuned for my full review of the wallet coming soon!

Posted by James