Modest Mark “Mark Bifold” Wallet

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  • Last modified: January 31, 2018

Rugged construction and unique features highlight this bold entry from Modest Mark

The Mark Bifold wallet from Modest Mark does things its own way. It’ll appeal to a specific type of traveler but some users may find its extra features superfluous.


The reviewed wallet is a luxurious brown Crazy Horse leather that feels a lot like a horse saddle. This is the type of wallet you take with you on a business trip to Westworld and would complement cowboy boots and a bolo tie nicely. If you’re going for a more traditional look, it’s also available in full-grain Nappa leather and two canvas options.

Half of the wallet is RFID-blocking, while the other half is designed to hold your cash, coins and transit card so you can motor through the turnstile without removing the card from your wallet. This is a thoughtful feature that I think more wallets should employ. I wound up putting my Ventra card as well as Costco and Fuel Rewards cards in the outside pocket since they don’t have chips. This left room inside the wallet for a debit card and two credit cards. My ID wound up in the other outer slot, and business cards had nowhere to go other than hiding behind the cash. Acceptable, but not ideal.

The wallet really stands out by virtue of its two slots for SIM or MicroSD cards and a small coin slot tucked behind the cash slot. If you’re a traveler or photographer who needs a secure place to always have a spare SIM or MicroSD card, these slots are a great solution. The coin slot might be handy for a couple of quarters for a parking meter but overall, I’m not a fan of coins in wallets.


It took a few different deployments of cards to finally figure out the best one. At first I thought I’d put my most-used credit card in an outside pocket and my lesser-used card inside, but this wound up backfiring. The inner-slot cards proved easier to extract, and enjoyed RFID-blocking protection, so on second thought my chip cards wound up there. Even so, the cards stacked atop one another tended to stick together so I’d have to pull all three cards out to get to any of them. At least getting them out was made a bit easier by the triangular cutouts in the slots, which let you push the cards with one finger as you pull them with the other hand.

Modest Mark is to be commended for putting together a wallet that can easily hold 7 cards and still stay slim and unnoticeable in the back pocket.

I tried using the coin slot, but the coins slid to the bottom of the pocket and proved tough to extract. Sure, it’s nice to have an emergency quarter or two tucked away but in the end I found the coin slot to be unnecessary.

I don’t have any need for a spare SIM or MicroSD card so I’m not the target market for those slots, but I can confirm that a T-Mobile SIM card slid in easily and stayed there snugly.


A distinctive wallet that performs the essential functions adequately. If you’re looking for a place to store SIM/MicroSD cards, or you prefer to keep a few coins stashed in your wallet, look no further. The half-RFID blocking feature is also very attractive for daily public transit riders. If these don’t apply to you, there are better options out there.

Note: Modest Mark advertises an optional “Walkie Pen” that fits into the fold of the Mark wallet. This was not provided to the reviewer, but I doubt I would’ve actually carried and used what must be a very small pen. And as a back pocket carrier, I’d be worried that it’d break. But again — if you’re looking for a wallet that can carry a pen and SIM cards and coins and a lot of cards, this is very well-thought out.

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