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A Wallet with Style? A Review of the Orchill Corinthian!

The Orchill Corinthian is a distinctive looking wallet with a style which will entice anyone’s head to rule there heart. I myself was a huge fan of this look. With the hole style patination and rustic range of green and brown colours the orchill looked like a promising wallet from the outset. Nevertheless when the wallet arrived and I tried it for around 2 week I quickly came to the conclusion all wasn’t hunky dory. Let’s break down what the orchill has to offer:

Look and feel

We’ll start with the positives. The orchill brand, as a whole, is high attractive and I applauded the designers for what are a unique range of wallets. With specifically the orchill Corinthian I found it’s sleek Appearance and brown leather to really stand out for other wallets in my collection. On the other hand appearances can be deceiving. Overall the build quality and general feel of the wallet is satisfactory at best. The leather feels cheap, and hard to touch, and the wallet feels flimsy. I don’t want to make assumptions but it feels like a mass manufactured wallet for China or something.

Currency Issues 

The first thing I must mention is this wallet is for US currencies only. I live in the UK and our notes are generally quite large, especially our £20 note. This means when used in conjunction with the Orchill the note is too large and sticks out the top of the wallet. Orchill also don’t offer a larger size for international buyers which makes the situation a lot worst. It seems they are completely segregating a huge proportion of their potential market (i.e. the rest of the world) and feel its a silly mistake for companies, like Orchill to do this. And they’re not the only culprit. I find a lot of manufacturers and brands do this.


In terms of its physical capacity the Orchill hosts a very basic layout. With a simple bi-fold arrangement the wallet has room for 8 amount of cards and as mentioned above a dedicated note slot for US based currencies. On the outside of the wallet there are also 2 quick access slots for your most used cards. These slots are well made, tight and will securely hold 1 or even 2 cards. That’s for a total card capacity of.


Final Verdict

The wallet in all is underwhelmingly satisfactory. I enjoy the style of wallet but its functionality and quality lack for the price you pay. The Corinthian wallet comes in at a price of $54.99 which is far to much for me and I wouldn’t recommend this wallet to anyone. 

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