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Sapling Wallet | Stealth Series : Aluminum

Who’s Mental about Metal? A Review of the Aluminum Stealth Wallet by Sapling Metal wallets can be a sort of enigma for some people. A strange fusion of hard metal weaved into a complex array of curves and bends. Metal wallets are for those people who wan’t nothing more than to look the part. Whipping out that […]

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Disc Wallet | Review

The Disc Wallet – A Jack of all Trades. The Disc wallet, is a combination of size, durability and functions. I’d go as far as to consider this wallet a so called ‘jack of all trades”. Strong in all departments but, individually speaking, not the very best. Nevertheless I strongly believe that it’s a wallet […]

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Garzini Essenziale Pezzini Wallet | Review

The Garzini Essenziale Pezzini Review After the high praise I gave the original Garzini Essenziale (in Blue) I couldn’t not try the next level up. The Garzini Essenziale Perzzini (which we’ll refer to as simply Perzzini from now on) is basically identical to the Essenziale but with one big difference. The Perzzini has a dedicated coin […]

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The Rapid Wallet | A Kickstarter Wallet Review

Rapid Wallet – Neo-Futurism meets Wallets The Rapid Wallet is a very unusual hard case wallet with a unique style and mechanism for access your cards. The first thing to mention is the new Rapid Wallet is still in its prototype stage and in its early stages of development. My first impression of the wallet is its futuristic […]

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Huberton Wallet Review

Huberton Wallet Review – Colourful Style. Every so often I enjoy using a wallet that’s a little bit smaller and a little bit more colourful than I’m used to. That’s where the Huberton wallet comes in. While only just having finished funding on Kickstarter the Huberton wallet, and it’s range of colours, add a lot […]

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Are RFID Blocking Wallets a Waste of Money?

Are RFID Blocking Wallets a Waste of Money? While I’ll discuss, momentarily, the pros and cons of using these sleeves for protection, the bigger “elephant in the room“, so to speak, are whether or not RFID protection is even worth your time in the first place. Very often sold as a gimmick, or a feature […]

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