The 10 Best Minimalist Wallets for 2021

The minimalist wallet is a diverse breed of super svelte, a lightweight container designed to carry only your critical most items. Likewise, you’re ID, few credit and debit cards, and some money. The combination offers a stylish appearance, durability, and most importantly a minimalistic design that enables you to be smart enough in choosing what to carry around in your daily life.

The Minimalistic wallet designs have become jam-packed with so many options and convenience offered by well-known brands, high-end boutiques, and of course Chinese upstarts.

If you are looking for minimalistic men’s wallets with a slim and effective design that does more, you are looking at the right place. A gent with a simple yet sophisticated taste finds it difficult shopping for a suitable men wallet. Finding a fashionable fictional and minimalistic wallet is not always that easy as it sounds. To save much of your time we come across a list of the most savior minimalistic wallets sold online and in the market. We have covered some of our favorite picks from all the budgets and tastes.

Whether your demand is a bulk banishing bi-fold minimalist wallet or an elegant cardholder for your on-the-go most essential items, we got you covered. Presenting the most stylish minimalistic wallets that will keep your polished look intact.

  1. Strapo Minimalist Wallet Ultra-slim Expandable Wallet

The simple and sleek design of the Strapo Minimalistic wallet ($42) provides you plenty of storage space for your valuables without searching through unnecessary slots and pockets of a traditional wallet.

The Strapo minimalistic wallet is designed using premium leather that provides much better longevity.  The stitching is really strong and stylish that showcases attention to detail. In addition, the elastic strap is truly an innovative feature that expands and contracts according to your storage needs.

The Strapo wallet is a premium choice for keeping your cash, keys, and cards safe with you. The Strap men’s wallet comes with RFID blocking technology that keeps your personal information safe.

Made of: Leather

Key Features:

  • Innovative elastic strap
  • Easy to access card slots
  • Truly compact Minimalist wallet


Ridge Wallet – $75 is a perfect choice to keep all the essentials while staying economical. An Anodized plated body holds up the devices together making it a drop-proof case.

Having the capacity of holding up to 5 cards, it comes with an easy-to-access expandable tray. RFID is added to the package for account safety, also a blurry money clip is there to keep the cash organized.

Our preference for this men’s wallet is due to its clean and practical design that truly states a minimalistic wallet approach. Sleek design with ease of access makes stands it first in our most adorable minimalistic men’s wallets.

Made of: Anodized aluminum

Key Features:

  • Metal strong body
  • Safety with RFID block technology
  • Integrated cash strap


  • putting the keys in the same place will interact with the metal body

Journeyman Wallet – $75 by tanner goods is the finest quality leather men’s wallet we have come across. Made out of vegetable dyed Top English lead leather, famous for its dissimilar coating, do not disappoint you with its minimalistic wallet design.

With the passage of time the outer part which is leather changes color while the wallet gets into use. durability is what held you up. The sleek design enables it to carry in the front pocket. Handmade and hand-dyed makes it one of the finest crafted products from the tanner goods. Accommodates four card slots along with a central pocket to stash your cash.

The best piece to gift your loved one gentleman as its elegance would stand out among most men’s wallets.

Made of: Leather

Key Features:

  • Attractive look
  • Strength and durability
  • Handmade in the USA


  • Hard to fix the large size bills in the pocket

Buffway’s Slim wallet – $12 gives you the variety and several options to choose from. The outer leather part offers a range of designs including suede, cross-patterned, and carbon fiber-style texturing.

Provide with a finger hole, the card slot part is easy to access, lets you pull up the card from the lower part rather than pulling up from the upper side.

Comes with space for 7 cards, your Identification card, and small cash that you can keep in. RFID is included in this budget-friendly minimalistic wallet.

Buffway gives the liberty of a no-questions-asked first-year warranty that is a bonus if you happen to stretch out cardholders or lost your wallet habitually.

Made of: Leather

Key Features:

  • Affordability
  • Space for up to 8 cards
  • Unisex – chosen by men and women alike

RFID blocking


  • Over stuffing may cause cards to scratch
  • Jamming may cause the cards to fall-out

The RUNBOX Slim Wallet – $29 is a preferable choice for those who are still interested in bi-fold men’s wallets. Offers a touch thicker feel that does not disturb your pocket (budget) much.

Massive in capacity holds up 10 cards and about 20 bills altogether. Metal rings at the interior let you hold cash in wallet halves.

If you want to carry a minimalistic wallet and do not want to leave the habit of a usual wallet, give it a chance. We guaranteed it won’t let you down.

Made of: Leather

Key Features:

  • Storage for 10 cards
  • RFID blocking enabled
  • Space to fit in 20 bills
  • Easy  to keep cash


  • Bigger than most slim wallets

The BLOMUS Slim Wallet – $20 looks similar to a Zip lock lighter, is designed to work as a business card holder but is effective enough to use as a professional minimalistic wallet.

The metal case is strong and sturdy along with a snap-shut lid that provides fall-proof safety to your bills and cards. We bring it to the list due to its massive ability to hold 7 – 8 cards effectively.

There is no separate section for cards and bills. You will have to sacrifice some card space if you want to adjust cash alongside. Also, cards can be mixed up and you have to look keenly for one you want.

Made of: Stainless steel

Key Features:

  • Sleek metal design
  • Full closing
  • Fits best in pocket and bag


  • Catches a lot of finger impressions
  • The hinge may loosen over time

The Bellroy Micro Sleeve Wallet – $65 is the best example of style and engineering hand in hand. It can store up to 4 cards and some folded cash in between. It can be open with a pinch on both side to easily access the content interior.

The price for this size of minimalistic wallet is a bit steeper but the premium quality leather is the deal breaker that will last longer than other materials. Also, the vegetal dye gives it a traditional look that matures as you age. This minimalistic Men’s wallet is here to stay long with you with the grace to compliment the heirloom of the family.

Made of: Leather

Key Features:

  • Slim and Stylish
  • Easy to access and keep bills
  • Made with premium, environment friendly leather


Magnetic Card Case Wallet – $34 by fossil exhibits its great eye for great design. What is so special about it, this two-sided minimalistic wallet has cards storage on one side and a magnetic money clip on the other. This leather-made men’s wallet comes in four options and it blocks RFID signals too.

1. Polished and unpolished

2. Black or brown

Card slots are pretty much handy to keep up to 3 debit or credit cards along with an ID card. But not more than that or else the cardholders will stretch out. Also, the magnetic clip can keep intact up to 10 bills, and more than that won’t be accommodated appropriately. A handy choice for those who truly practice the minimalistic wallet approach.

Made of: Leather

Key Features:

  • Very slim
  • Magnetic money clip
  • Magnetic protection


  • Less card slot

Pendleton’s Slim Wallet – $32 makes it possible to carry fashion and functionality all in one. The stylish outer look features Pendleton’s signature wool on the outside. Looks delicate but has the strength of leather material. It feels not only soft to touch but also stylish to carry.

This men’s wallet is pretty simple and nominal in budget with 4 card slots and enough bills storage but no RFID blocking. It’s a likable choice to tie your EDC together.

Made of: wool and leather

Key Features:

  • Slim and fashionable
  • Soft exterior


  • No RFID blocking
  1. Herschel Charlie RFID Casea

Charlie RFID – $21 offers you style in budget. This polyester-made stylish case offers a variety of looks and colors, our favorite one is Night Camo.

It offers card storage of up to four and some bill loading in the interior. It’s a bit close-fitting and needs time to wear and get handy for carrying even small content. RFID blocking adds a plus to it. The polyester may start to the fray over time, but you can always afford a new one in the replacement of this money.

Made of: Polyester

Key Features:

  • Slim and Stylish
  • RFID blocking
  • Affordable


  • Durability

Buyers Guide: How to choose your best Minimalistic Men’s Wallet

Despite having the quality of being minimalistic every men’s wallet is different from other due to its manufacturer. One will offer good space for cards the other will be handy to carry cash. Some will come with RFID features while others will be stylish and fashion-oriented. The key is to decide what and how much you want to carry along with you and what are your personal preferences regarding style.

Pare Down

If you are traveling you might need to keep some cash in that case a minimalistic wallet should satisfy you in terms of enough room for bills placement. If you want to hold more cards than 3 to 4 some cash and a few memory cards, use a bi-fold minimalistic wallet enough to cover all these.

Leather Vs Metal

You must be mindful of the persona and features each type of material brings along.  While leather-made men’s wallet adds elegance to personality on the other hand metal-made wallets are popular to have a curb look. You need to identify what perks you want to have.

RFID feature

RFI is a great feature for keeping your transactions safe. When you are traveling or happen to be at vulnerable places more often RFID should be a preference while shopping for a minimalistic Men’s wallet for yourself.

Cost and Durability are two other major factors that impacts on your minimalistic Men’s wallet choice.