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Allett Ultra Slim Coin Wallet | Review & Overview

The Allett Slim Coin Wallet. Everyday’s an Adventure! It’s not often I get to review wallets specifically tailored towards people who love the outdoors or the adventurous type. The Allett Slim Coin is for those people exactly and I’ve been waiting for a time to use this wallet to it’s full potential. Luckily for me I […]

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Wingback Cash Wallet | Review

The Wonders of the Wingback Every so often a wallet comes along which rewrites what defines a traditional wallet. Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to review many wallets from Kickstarter and across the world and it’s been awhile since I’ve found a wallet i was so excited to use. The Wingback elicited that […]

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modest mark brown

Modest Mark Wallet | Review & Overview

A Ultra Slim Cardholder Wallet for the Minimalist in you The Modest Mark wallet is something which I find difficult to evaluate. On one hand the design is something that i’ve seen before. Its nothing new in terms of its look and functionality. On the other hand I find it very increasingly difficult to criticise […]

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ooNA KORD Wallet | Review & Overview

ooNA KORD Wallet Review | Attractiveness at an affordable price  There’s not a lot I can really say about the ooNA wallet as it’s core functionality is rather simple. The main reason for considering this wallet is it’s unique design. Although it’s quite subtle and wouldn’t be difficult to replicate. I’m of course talking about […]

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Edwin Wallet | Review & Overview

Edwin Wallet | A Unique Design with Features to Match The Edwin Wallet is a breath of fresh air in a sea of very typical wallets. At least in its design. What makes it so unique for me is its distinct look with its odd shape, with various hexagon shapes cut out of its plastic […]

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Top 5 Phone Wallets in 2017

Phone Wallets | Are the Future of Our Wallets in our Cases? Its no surprise that as time goes on the human race is trying to become more efficient. Phone Wallets are something which have been a long time coming and its only been the last 2 years in which we’ve seen an explosion of […]

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