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Boreal Wallet – Everyday Pocket Art

If you are looking for wallets with personality and identify then a Boreal wallet may be for you. What makes the Boreal wallets stand out are the quality of their designs. I’ve personally never been a fan of wallets with printed on designs but I made a special except with Boreal. Not only is the overall design of the wallet strong (more about this later) but the range of artistic designs available are plentiful, attractive and with great quality. Let’s look into a bit more detail regarding what the Boreal is all about.


Designs at its core

It’s no surprise​, when you visit there website, that complex and beautiful designs lie at their brand’s core. Boreal make a special effort to source fantastic artists for their designs and it really shows in person. In the past when I’ve had custom designed and printed items (such as shirts and mugs) the quality is always very poor.This wasn’t the case with Boreal and it honestly took me by surprise. The colours we’re crisp, clean and did the original artwork justice.

The range of designs available is eclectic and ranges from modern scenic shots through to an abstract​ array of artistic wonders only a hipster could love. I joke, but the array of designs is plentiful and they always update the range every so often. I’d be supposed if you couldn’t find a design you liked in all honesty which is great. The material is made from a hard rough corse feeling material. This is a matt laminated, artist canvas with transparent PVC inner pockets. The material needs some getting used and probably wouldn’t be Boreal’s first choice if it wasn’t needed for the printed artwork. 

Functionality – as a wallet

The major downfall of this wallet is, unfortunately, the wallet itself. Functioning as an actual wallet it’s incredibly bog standard compared to others in the industry and replicates a typical bifold since the dawn of time. I’m not saying it’s bad in anyway. It can hold up to 8 cards with room for cash it just doesn’t go above and beyond with unique features. Perhaps that’s what I, and others, like it so much.

All in all it does what it sets out to do well and I can’t criticise it for that. A standard wallet it performs at a satisfactory level. Cards slots are tight for a secure feel, while the large rear note slot can fit cash of all types of currencies. The wallet does require “breaking in” so to speak as the material does need some working. So if it feels stiff or rigid on first used give it some time.


Final verdict

With great style yet attached to a standard bi-folds I can definitely recommend the Boreal wallet to those who want a design that suits their personality (pending on an appropriate design).  It’s not for people who are after a unique wallet in terms of its functionality but its looks more than make up for this. Another thing worth mentioning is its amazing price. The Boreal currently retails at only £20.00 which compared to other wallets, these days, is fantastic. For more information regarding the Boreal wallet visit there website here! 

Its an offer!

Something that made me laugh out loud. You better hurry you don’t have long before this offer ends! (Reduced from £20.00 to £10.00)! 😛


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