Cardamon Wallet: Spotlight Review & First Look

The Cardamon Wallet: A Reinvention of a Reinvention

The Cardamon is currently Kickstarter powerhouse currently having raised over $46,000 way over its $10,000 and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

If I could describe the Cardamon in one word it would have to be sexy. Never have I laid eyes upon a wallet that oozes such pure perfection with just its looks alone. The attractiveness of the material with its subtle matt finish and intricate woven material really stands out and its simplistic clamshell design gravitates its complimentary and minimalist approach.



We’ve created the Cardamon | WALLET in five beautiful colours to satisfy every taste. Applying advanced dying processes, the material has been infused with a vibrant colour that saturates the Polyamide threads while only lightly staining the Polyester. Through this process, a heathered appearance is achieved. This finish forms the catalyst for a material intended to ‘age’ with an organic patina-like aesthetic. This unique material labelled MeridianShell® is the hard work and effort of over 2 years of in-house Research & Design and unrivalled durability, performance, and beauty over a lifetime of use. While I can definitely agree on its beauty I’m going hold my judgement until I can get my hands on it for real.

red cardamon


One of the main selling points of the Cardamon is its construction process. The wallet employs complex technology and construction methods that have never been used to make a wallet. By using high-frequency welding and a heat press to thermoform the profile, only minimal stitching is required. The result is more durable than a wallet constructed from the finest leather.

The reinvention of the reinvention

So why does my title refer too? What is a reinvention of a reinvention? Well not to long ago wallets went through a revolution in which designers fueled their passion and knowledge into creating a range of beautiful, slim and attractive wallets. This change gave birth to this site and the wallet industry continues to grow and will continue to grow in the future. The Cardamon for me takes this initial revolutionary design philosophy of innovative, simplicity and attractiveness and takes it to the next level. The reinvention of what we thought had already been perfected, a wallet to end all wallets perhaps? I couldn’t possibly say. Save that for the real review coming very soon. I can’t wait.

Check out and support the wallet here on Kickstarter. I’m sure a website and social media are to come very soon as well as my full review. Stay tuned.


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  1. I sadly missed out on the Kickstarter, but I really like the concept, look and size of the Cardamon. I’m looking forward to your review of it, whenever that may be!

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