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Crudo Leather Craft.

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This is my first brand spotlight and to kick it off to an almighty start I’ve chosen the very luxury brand Crudo Leather. As a poor man, just graduated from university, I always find it difficult when I see something I like but suddenly stumble upon its price tag. Crudo Leather is by no means for those who don’t have a lot of money already in their wallet (excuse the pun). Its the very fact that I can’t afford them that makes me want one even more. So who are Crudo Leather? And what makes them worthy of potentially paying over £1000 for a Crudo Wallet?

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The Crudo Life

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Crudo are all about uniqueness. Their brand makes it very clear from the get-go. This is because Crudo offers a huge range of customisation options when choosing a wallet to buy. After choosing the wallet you want to buy you’re then promoted to further customise your options and are redirected to a page where you can really tailor it to your liking. For example custom engravings with a font of your choice. An engraving on the front. A symbol if you’d like. Crudo specifically say don’t hold back with what you want.

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“The sky is the limit – you can engrave your life motto, romantic lines, the name of your significant other, a memorable date in roman numerical characters – you name it, we make it happen. We make a leather piece the most personalised yet. Simply, commemorate moments of your life on our leather pieces – endow unto them a soul” – Crudo

– Crudo 2017

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Back to Reality

But this doesn’t come cheap. The wallet I customised cost $580. Not for the average Joe like me. So what else does Crudo have going for it? We’ll its leather is apparently the highest possible finest Italian full grain leather. And while being completely handmade by master artisans.

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Maybe one day I’ll get my hand on a Crudo Wallet. Jus to say I have a wallet of this quality and expense. The funny thing is Crudo aren’t even the most expensive wallets around. Just like watches (or anything really) the sky’s the limit to have much people are willing to pay for just about anything. Wallets included. I’ll try my look contacting them for a review sample. But I won’t hold my breath.

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