ezgo Wallet Review

EZGO Wallet | A Futuristic Design with an Abundance of Features

The EZGO wallet is a strange one. It’s a study almost industrial looking wallet. With intricate details, it looks like someone’s taken a slab of plastic and engraved a bunch of lines, and contours to create, in my opinion, a distinctive and attractive look. But this appearance is no coincidence. Each groove is purposeful and aims to create a wallet with all round functionality. Let’s look into a bit more detail into how the ezgo works and should it become your next minimalist wallet.


Look, appearance and feel

As mentioned the Ezgo wallet has a unique look to it kind of like a futuristic gadget. Made from a hard plastic material is has the strength and durability you’d expect from a wallet of this size. One great thing about this wallet is the huge range of colours it’s available in. With 6 colours to choose from the vibrant red or the more casual black, you can really get personal and tie in your individuality to this wallet and stand out from the crowd.


The main selling point of the Ezgo wallet is its hard durability and accompanied by its minimal design. While only weighing 24 grammes the Ezgo can carry up 8 cards and up to 15 bills securely. The 8 cards fit comfortably on each side of the wallet and allows for quick access with the slide of a finger. As for your notes. They are stored through a slot at the very top of the wallet. Unfortunately, you will need to fold the notes in half multiple times for them to fit which can be a turn-off for many.

I can’t think when or why you’d need this functionality, but the Ezgo offers dedicated slots for storing memory sticks. 1 standard SD and 1 MicroSD card. Perhaps if you’re a keen photographer or have a smartphone with expandable memory for when you need additional space. It seems a bit random to have but it’s no harm being there.


All in all the ezgo is a fun, attractive and very functional wallet. Coming in at a medium price of $30 you can find more information at ezgo.com.

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