Iain Sinclair Eon Card Flashlight

Is your wallet feeling a little “light”? (hehe)

Excuse the pun. I came across the credit card shaped flashlight while aimlessly browsing amazon (like you do) and thought I’d give it ago. At a fairly expensive price of $13.49 I spent a little more than I wanted to but thought the idea and concept of this accessory more than paid for it.

When it finally arrived I was disappointed by the odd shape of it. I hadn’t realised, probably my own fault, that the eon flashlight was less than flat which made it awkward, to say the least when put inside your wallet. Although with the being said after a day or so of use I did get used to it and it really does depend on the wallet you use. Overall the light is strong and battery good. along with an attractive appearance and lightweight you’d hardly notice it inside the right wallet. But that’s the problem. Most of the time I forgot I had it because it serves very little purpose in today’s society.

Final Verdict

I’m lovely the sudden arrival of wallet related gadgets recently. It really gives hope to what could be a thriving industry in the future. As our wallets naturally get smaller people are coming up with new innovations to fill that new space. It’s fantastic.

As for the eon flashlight. I’m kind of torn. It’s a cool gadget, but I wouldn’t say it has a lot of usability in reality. Everybody these days have LED lights on their smartphones and they’re better and more powerful. If you’d like to purchase an eon light you can buy it here by clicking the link.

Posted by James

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