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Credit Card Style Lock Picking Set

No I’m not a robber, but a fool.

It wasn’t that long before I discovered the existence of this credit card shaped lock picking set that I found myself needing exactly that. After a long night a work, and a trip to the pub, I discovered I’d mistakenly left my keys on my desk. Without a spare, I had no choice but to venture back to work (over an hour away) in the hopes that someone was still around. Luckily there was, but I could have saved myself 2 hours if I’d just had this handy little $7.99 lock picking set.


About a week later I found and bought the set while browsing amazon along with a lock picking book. Not only did I end up learning a new skill, lock picking, but also have a handy set of tools to do so with. With the picking tools contained within a credit card shaped container, it can be easily concealed and stored within any wallet. I found that it also makes you feel like a secret agent, almost like a kid again whose playing spy.


I don’t think its necessary to have one, and I’ve never used mine. Never the less it’s a bit of fun and can be a life saver in those rare occasions you do forget your keys. For $7.99 you can’t really go wrong. Pick yours up for today!

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