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Modest Mark Wallet | Review & Overview

modest mark brown

A Ultra Slim Cardholder Wallet for the Minimalist in you

The Modest Mark wallet is something which I find difficult to evaluate. On one hand the design is something that i’ve seen before. Its nothing new in terms of its look and functionality. On the other hand I find it very increasingly difficult to criticise the wallet for anything as it does its job as a stylish, functional and attractive minimalist wallet very very well. The Modest Mark really doesn’t disappoint and although it suffers from some common issues (which we’ll discuss) I find it a very enjoyable wallet to use.

Design & Look

The design of the Mark Wallet is one which combines both leather, on the front, wrapped in canvas material. The high quality crazy horse leather really gives the wallet a great luxury appearance, and great feel. The cut out triangle which mirrors Modest Marks logo also adds a unique design feature as well as acting primarily as a quick access slot for cards stored in the very front. Attractive and functional!

The remainder of the wallet is made up of a fairly rough feeling canvas material. This is also where the various colour design variations come into play. Modest Mark give you a choice of 4 standard colours (perhaps more with funding options). These include Royal Blue, Maroon, Jet black and ash grey. I personally used the Maroon and it’s a great unique colour that was a nice change.

modest mark range

Functionality & Usability

In practice the Mark works very much like a typical minimalist wallet. I found it has a total capacity of 5 cards with 2 in the front and 3 in the back. You can indeed fit more but it would be a squeeze and suffers from the normal card bulking issue we’ve all grown to love (or hate). Nevertheless in general the wallet has been very pleasant to use, with no glaring issues with day to day use and a nice feel in your front or back pocket.

One issue I did find though, with the canvas, is how secure cards are within their respective  slots. The front slot is not the issue but I found the back slot, made from canvas, very loose and could feel the cards moving around quite easily. I tried shaking the wallet and with some force the 2 cards I had stored did fall out. As you store more cards, (say 3 or 4) it naturally becomes tighter so this issue doesn’t occur. Just something to keep in mind and it shouldn’t deter you from this great wallet.


The Modest Mark is a great wallet for men looking for an attractive and affordable slim wallet. It simply does everything at an above satisfactory level and it far exceeded my expectations in use during my daily carry. I find it my favorite ultra slim and thin minimalist wallet in 2017 so take that as you will. As well as this you can grab yourself this wallet for only $25.00 (with 10% off if you sign up to their mailing list) a very affordable price compared to other wallets on the market today.
The Mark is still in it’s crowdfunding phase so please support the wallet. Also the guys at modest mark were kind enough to give us not 1 but 3 Mark wallets for our May Giveaway. Remember to sign up today for your chance to win today by clicking here.