The best of a bad bunch. How to make an origami wallet that doesn’t suck

How to make an origami/paper wallet. The definitive guide.

I’m not going to lie. I’ve spent many of hours trying to fold endless sheets of printer paper into the elusive wallet. But it seems the more videos I watch the more I become disappointed but the results. The origami (or paper) wallet come in many different shapes, sizes, and designs with an array of intricate folds. I’ve trawled the web looking for the best of the bunch, so here they are. Here are my top 5 videos on how to make an origami/paper wallet (courtesy of YouTube).


The “simplistic” approach

It’s simplistic for a reason. It’s easy. Grab a piece of paper and go crazy with this very boring paper wallet.


The “I ain’t got time for this shit” approach

Ah yes. I would have loved to make this wallet if I enough time, money and effort to actually build the thing. All jokes aside this wallet is actually the best here. It’s strong (made from Tyvek) and has a fantastic design which resembles the designs of actual paper wallets on the market today.


The “Loooooong” approach

It may look more like a purse than a wallet, but I won’t judge. This long and thin wallet is excellent for easily storing cash and is pretty easy to fold.


The “study” approach

Make it with tape. Nothing makes heads turn more than a wallet that looks like it’s made from metallic loo roll.


The “hold my coffee” approach

Now all you hipsters and Starbucks lovers (other coffee chains do exist) can now finally get your money’s worth with this nifty little (bag?) wallet.



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