wogenfels wallet

Wogenfels Wood Wallet – Kickstarter Spotlight & Unboxing

The Wogenfels Wood Wallet – A Wallet of Pure Design Having stumbled upon the Wogenfels wallet I was immediately taken back to the time when I purchased my first wooden wallet, the Fusion wallet. And although


Harber London: Smartphone Sleeve Case Wallet

The Rise of the Phone Wallets: Harber London Smartphone Sleeve Review The Harber Smartphone sleeve is my first experience of a phone case/wallet hybrid. Although I was reluctant, to begin with, to ditch the wallet

fusion wallet issues

Fusion Wallet Order Problems – Lets Discuss

Fusion Wallet Order Problems Hi, guys, I’ve been receiving a lot of messages regarding the Fusion Wallet brand and whether or not I had an issue regarding the order process. Because of this, I decided

wallet history

The History of the Wallet

The History and Origin of the Traditional Wallet The wallet we know and love didn’t always look, feel, or was even used like it currently is today. This long history dates back to the Ancient

kisetsu haru wallet

Brand Spotlight: Discover Kisetsu Wallets

A Brand with style and innovation. Today is my first so called “brand” spotlight. In this type of post, I’ll be showcasing and talking about some of the dedicated wallet brands on the market today. This


The Top 5 Travel Wallet in 2017

Going on holiday soon? Discover the 5 best Travel Wallets in 2017 Travel wallets are a type of wallet I’ve yet to properly explore. But over the last year, mainly due to a new job, I’ve been

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