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Ekster Slim Wallet Review

Ekster Slim Wallet Review: Smart Technology Meets Rustic Design The Ekster Wallet began life as a crowdfunding success story if I ever saw one. While being 100 funded in just 15 hours, raising over $75,000 the

walli wallet review

Walli Wallet – Spotlight Review

Walli “smart” Wallet – Technology is the future The Walli Wallet is a highly successful crowd funded minimalist wallet that raising close to $500,000. With this incredible amount raised, I couldn’t help but write this

kickstarter wallets

The Best Wallets on Kickstarter | September 2016 Edition

Kickstarter among other funding websites are quickly becoming a haven of innovation, and creative wallet designs. Ever month I’ll take the newest wallets on Kickstarter and showcase the best minimalist and slim wallets of the

The Best RDIF Wallets of 2016

The Best RDIF Wallets of 2016 What are RFID Wallets? Why Should I get one? In an age of wireless technology, the problems of digital theft is becoming more of a problem. One of these

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Top 7 New Minimalist / Slim Wallets coming out in 2016!

Discover the best slim wallets of 2016 As the minimalist wallet revolution continues I’m sure 2016 will bring a fresh array of slim wallets for us to enjoy. Check out this must-have list of wallets,

Recycled Skateboard Slim Wallet card holder

Recycled Skateboard slim wallet/card holder As a huge supporter of sustainability, I always commend those who try to recycle goods. The skateboard slim wallet is a great example of this incorporated in a wallet as

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