Recycled Skateboard Slim Wallet card holder

Recycled Skateboard slim wallet/card holder

wooden skateboard wallet

As a huge supporter of sustainability, I always commend those who try to recycle goods. The skateboard slim wallet is a great example of this incorporated in a wallet as it provides an alternative use for used and abused skateboard decks. This adds character to the wallet as well as providing some unique individuality that you wouldn’t normally get from a wallet. Knowing this wallet been used as a skateboard really adds a different dimension and makes me smile every time I think about it.

wood wallet

The skateboard slim comes in at 30mm x 90mm which is just a little larger than a credit card.

A true eye catching wallet. The skateboard slim comes with a one-inch wide band that encapsulates wrapping around the skateboard panel allowing to securing hold your cash, cards, and other items. The band is also made from recycled materials made from the inner tubing of bicycle tires a very nice touch. The wallet retails at $24.00 which is fair I feel. Middle of the range price for a wallet which you pay for its uniqueness and design, less so for its actual functionality.

wooden wallet

The wallet is made by the good folks at X. I first found them on the Kickstarter page which is where a successful fundraising campaign allowed the skateboard slim wallet to become a reality.  Each wallet is handmade in  historic downtown Lynchburg Virgina in the back hallway retail shop.

For more information on this wallet check out the Kickstarter page, website and social media below!


Posted by James