Are Wallets Bad for Condoms?


Are Wallets Bad for Condoms? Answering the important questions in life.

If your asking this question then congratulations! Your officially getting more than I am (but that isn’t hard). Condoms are a tricky one and when doing a little research, and googling some weird stuff, I managed to deduct a pretty confident answer to the question. The main issue at play is looking into the correct conditions a condom should be stored at and comparing them to those of a wallet. After a quick search and a trip to the condom masters themselves, Durex, who had some handy tips (haha tip) on the best way to store them.

A Child Haters Fear

In a nutshell wallets will over time contribute to additional and unnecessary wear and tear over time. The more stress something is put under the less likely it is to survive over time. This is no different for condoms especially when wallets are in the equation. If you keep a condom in your wallet over time to wear and tear of being restricted and held within a tight place (a wallet i mean) can cause rips and tears in a condom. Think about how you use your wallet. Constantly movement, being wedged in tight trousers its no wonder it could and does cause issues.

So what have you got to lose?

If you’re against the idea of having a kid and wan’t to stay ultra safe I think the general consensus to not store your condoms in your wallet over long periods of time. If you’re a total stud and don’t plan on having a condom in your wallet any long than 24 hours then by all means go for it. Oh and congratulations to you.

Which Wallets would work best with condoms?

It really depends on how large the wallet is, and how much space remaining. The best are the types with a zipper. These pockets tend to be more roomy with space for the condom to move freely if necessary.

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