Top 5 Wallets for Women | 2017 Edition

Wallets Aren’t just for Men. Here are our Top 5 Wallets specifically for Women!

Although wallets may been seen as a men’s item, sometimes women just wan’t the opportunity to carry something small and slim without the large bulky purse. Even if you still carry a handbag it might be worth having a slim wallet with you, in your pocket, so you can store your most used cards and cash easily and securely. So to make things fair we bought a range of wallets made specially for women, and narrowed them down to our top five.

Wallets for Women. Lets begin!


1. GDTK Small Compact Bifold Wallet.

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This wallet is truly a perfect wallet for women looking for an compact alternative to a purse. Not only does it come in a variety of styles but it has a range of functionality from RFID blocking, coin pouch, and enough room for up to 10 cards.

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2. Fossil Emma Mini RFID Wallet

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The Fossil Emma is an even smaller wallet that has a clean minimalist style. Its range of styles, and colours are huge with unique patterns and colours. Made with a soft genuine leather and with a unique quick snap closure feature for easy access the Fossil is a great choice for those who want it all with a brand to match.



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3. Vera Bradley 

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For those women who like things a little different. The vera Bradley wallet focus on a unique patters that might not be to everybody’s liking. Nevertheless the wallet is the slimmest of the group and has a nice variety of functionality including an I.D slot.

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4. Nike Basic Wallet

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No i’m not crazy for recommending this. Sometimes you just want a simple, functional and most of all cheap wallet to carry some essential items with you. You’ll still have a purse for most of your stuff, but your cash and most used cards can be kept with you in this easy to use Nike wallet. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t care for style then you could do a lot worst than a Nike Basic Wallet.

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5. The Felda Wallet Purse

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And finally we have the most expensive wallet on the list. The Felda is the most functional wallet on the list, and is for those women who want it all within a compact and easy to carry wallet. With RFID blocking functionality, dedicated coin storage and enough room for cash and cards to last a lifetime. This wallet is a great example of a purse/wallet hybrid that simply works.


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