Wogenfels Wood Wallet – Overview & Review

How good is the Wogenfels Wooden Wallet: A Full Review

The Wogenfels Wood Wallet is an unusual wallet as it paves the way for a new very much unseen type of wallet. Although this wallet very much doesn’t come under the Minimalist category (it’s quite large, to say the least) I couldn’t help myself reaching out and grabbing one of Wogenfels newest wallets.

As I mentioned in my first look review (see here) I couldn’t fault the presentation, style and branding the guys at Wogenfels were able to achieve. Every single detail expelled the feeling of luxury and in return increased my enjoyed of the wallet. The wooden box, the wooden shavings and the wallet itself are all made and presented to perfect and I can’t fault them for their branding. Made from a range of gorgeous woods the initial unboxing filled my room with an unbelievable smell and aroma of wood.

Wogenfels Wood Wallet

As for the wallet itself, it’s comprised of a combination of hardwood and carbon fibre inserts. This contrast between the old earthy feel of wood and the modern almost metallic futuristic look of the carbon really adds a unique twist to the wallets look and feel. In all honestly, this is probably one of my favourite looking wooden wallets on the market. Unfortunately, thats where the good ends with the Wogenfels wooden wallet. It breaks my heart to have to go full 360 and discuss many of its major issues I found especially regarding its functionality. The wallet entails a 2 compartment design for storing cash and cards and both honestly are less than satisfactory in use. The left-hand panel for cash storage is loose, very enclosed and annoying to take cash too and from. The another side for card storage suffers from the same range of problems. It’s pretty much a piece of material plonked onto the wood and stuck down. I honestly fell no effort was put into designing the inside of the wallet which frankly, at the end of the day, is all that matters. My next issue is the wallets size although the things marketed as a wallet is more like a purse or a small case (imagine a hard case you might have carried your game boy in once upon a time). It’s bulky and doesn’t fit well in any pocket really, while the fact it’s made from a hard material doesn’t help it causes.

Wogenfels Wooden Wallet

Overall I must say I’m both impressed and thoroughly disappointed by this wallet. While they spend so much time on the outside design the overall functionality and execution of the wallet lacked, and I can only imagine people buying it for its amazing looks and being underwhelmed even mislead once it arrived. I feel that they should go back to the drawing board and create a wallet more like the fusion wallet. Keep the same sexy design but made it smaller, thinner and better suited for its primary function. A wallet. The price of the wallet is yet to be announced as it was still being funded on Kickstarter at the time I wrote my first review. I’d give the Wogenfels a miss but this wallet is still far from being completed anyway. I’d keep any eye out and see if anything changes in the future.

Keep any eye out, and if you like to look of this wallet check them out here.





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