WOJO Wallet

WOJO Wallet Review

Being the only wallet I’ve ever owned made from silicone and neoprene the WOJO Wallet is somewhat a new take on minimalism and modern design. With a simplistic design, the WOJO’s a single large silicon wrap that securely fits credit or debit cards with ease. The great thing about the silicone is its flexible nature that means regardless of having 1 or 12 cards the silicone can stretch its size to accommodate many cards up to 12. The WOJO also sports a large band that fits securely around the middle of the wallet. This being used for security is also notes and other small paper items. It’s fairly good and goes its job pretty well. Notes are easy to access and a secured well enough you don’t fear they’ll fall out. It’s also flexible enough to easily remove and secure a hefty amount of money without feeling over-stretched.

blue wojo wallet

The wallet also comes in a variety of colours including blue, green and red. It also comes with a variety of different bands including sets themed on American Football teams. Being British this means nothing to me but is nice to have the choice anyway.

wojo wallet colors

Another of its unique selling points is its waterproof nature while being robust and durable. This wallet, which is marketed towards the more action, oriented people, maybe those who are camping or taking part in dirty or extreme sports. Although I can’t say how well it actually is within those situations the wallet its self-has all the right specifications. The wallet was kind of wasted on me as I really didn’t use it in the right conditions, but for someone, in a more outdoor and wet environment, i’m sure the WOJO wallet would make a great wallet for you.









Being priced at $12.95 (approximately £8.61) the WOJO Wallet is very affordable and is very good for its money. Would I recommend this as your daily wallet over prolonged amounts of time? Probably not. This wallet is great for outdoor activates and for those sporty types but for me, I felt it really lacked basic functionality as well as not being the most stylistic wallet on the market. The rubber-like feel wasn’t pleasant and found it satisfactory at best. When I go swimming or on a beach holiday this wallet would be my first choice but when out and about a home, I’d give it a miss.



Posted by James